Unseen Aspects

Working with the Akashics teachings us things in a variety of ways.  Many times we are going there with a particular question or set of questions or a goal(s) in mind and we therefore expect that what we experience are focused on giving us information for those. …Details

Akashic Unity

I like to tell the story of one of my first Akashic experiences.  I didn’t know anything about the Akashics at the time nor did I know that we would be working with it.  I was with a group of students working with one of my Native teachers and we were doing a weekend workshop learning about our totems. …Details

Knowledge Blindness

Baby crowCrow medicine is the prime example of something being hidden in plain sight.  People see crows every day. They are seemingly everywhere because they thrive in urban environments.  They thrive around people because they are one of the ways in which the ecosystem cleans itself. …Details

The Akashics and Pets

The animal beings we choose (or that choose us) as pets grow sensitive to us in a variety of ways.  They figure out our moods and ways through our physical actions, through our vocalizations and through the scents we produce.  They attune to our healthy states and not when we vary from them. …Details

Kabbalah Progress

People have been asking how things are going with the Kabbalah studies.  Well, they are going.  I’m learning a lot.  And there is still a HUGE amount of reading yet to do.  Just so you get an idea, here’s the books I have awaiting my attention. …Details