So what are you going to do about it?

I’m sure you have people like this in your life.  Every day its the same gripe or complaint.  Everyday there is something to gripe about it.  And once the griping is done everyone feels down and frustrated and out of sorts and the person griping feels vindicated and better about their position in the universe. … Details

Personal Revolution

Western culture spends a huge amount of energy directing our attention and activities to consumerism while idealizing an image of the nuclear family with one parent providing the entire income and both parents in residence, etc, etc.  Basically a reality that rarely exists at this point and is nearly impossible to maintain at any given time.… Details

What is my purpose?

Human minds seek patterns and meaning which means that we try to simplify things.  Unless you are a scientist studying Chaos Theory or the Theory of Everything (TOE) or your into mystery novels I’m betting you don’t like complicated.  Which means that when you think about ‘what is my purpose in life’ you are thinking of that one shining thing that makes it all seem worth it. … Details

The Library

The Akashics is full of experiences and information in many forms. Most of them beautiful or awe-inspiring, common sensical and sometimes frightening.  But the most common first experience people have when they goto the Akashics is the Library.  The Library is not your public library with some beat up chairs, a couple of tables with gum under them, people who have to be told to be quiet, and a bunch of ratty books no one has read since they were published. … Details

Experiencing the Akashics

The Akashic records is an amazing place.  I’ve worked with it for decades and I never cease to be surprised and pleased by my experiences there.  And having talked with colleagues and others who work consciously with the Akashics, their experiences are pretty much the same.… Details


Einstein thought about more than E=MC2.  He’s a lot more than the theory of relativity and the butt of may jokes.  He’s more than an image on a T-shirt.  Here’s a guy in white western society, in the scientific community, a genius figuring out the structure of the Universe, and he comes up with what traditional cultures know for millenia. … Details