Embodied Souls and Free Will

We have been taught, throughout millennia, that beings, angels, spirits, and higher powers watch over us, peering down on us from some other plane or walk with us physically monitoring our every move.  And this is partially true.  We are monitored by our teachers and support team very closely. … Details

Sacred Places

So many times when people talk about sacred places what they mean are buildings or the remains of buildings or structures that human beings have made.  Usually for the purpose of connecting with the sacred or so we assume depending on the age of the structure. … Details

Finding your Path

Many people are feeling that they are being called, that they have a sacred/spiritual calling and they are hearing that the time is now to start walking that path.  But what is it?  Some people know in general but don’t know how to get to the specifics, some people know it is something spiritual but don’t know what, and others have no idea and feel very confused and frustrated. … Details

Paths in the Akashics

There seem to be three different ways in which people experience the Akashics. Meeting up with a guide/angel/higher being to be told some information/wisdom/lesson, wandering through a building/city/temple/garden that is fantastic like Wonderland but uninhabited, or going directly to some ‘dimension’ where things are so completely different from what we understand life to be, and yet completely familiar at that the time but indescribable upon return. … Details

You don’t know what you don’t know

I remember the conversations I had with fellow students when I was studying to become a Sign Language interpreter.  I was immersing myself in deaf culture by going to public events, but I also had deaf roommates and was invited to quite a few parties and social gathers that others weren’t and I ended up hanging out a bit with another student whose husband was deaf, just to do a bit of triage. … Details

Sacred Spaces in Nature

Being Native American I know my perspective on sacred space is a bit different from the norm, but I’m still surprised by how many people think that Sacred Space is about buildings and man-made structures.  I went looking for examples of sacred outdoor space and found a whole book purporting to be about that, but it was actually about standing stones and stone structures and various constructed mounds in multiple countries…everything to do with man’s handiwork and nothing truly natural. … Details

Trying to Fix It

I’ve had this conversation with friends, clients, and acquaintances far more times than I like to remember.  I bet you have too.  You’re talking, having tea or coffee or lunch and they start telling a story.  Now, it’s not fiction.  It’s their life as they are living it right now and it’s obviously bugging them and they need to talk about it. … Details