Past Lives Enlighten Us

Western culture’s understanding of past lives is a bit interesting.  While we seem to have slipped out of the noose of living on the wheel of torment and needing to live life after life living out various Karmas until we achieve enlightenment, possibly because we have given up every achieving enlightenment if it ever was possible, we have also seemingly come to this collective conclusion that each individual has only a handful to mull over and it’s magic if you can access them at all.… Details

Soul Book Reading

People mistakenly think that the Akashics or their Soul Book (they often think of these as interchangeable) is some kind of oracle.  Like the mechanical gypsy at the carnival you put in your token and get your fortune.  Or like Tarot you can just listen to what the cards tell you and your future will be mapped out for your for the next few days or weeks or years. … Details

Souls in the Akashics

One of the many joys I have in reading for people in the Akashics is seeing all the ways in which we live our existence when we are not in bodies.  Being in a body is a dramatic, immediate, sensorial experience, but who and what we are when we are ‘home’ is really amazing. … Details

Spirituality in a Secular World

Very little about spirituality seems appetizing in this secular world.  Besides Evangelicals and the GOP in politics at the moment and their need to push women’s rights back to the Victorian age or prior, missionaries knocking at doors at odd hours, there are the role models who either preach abstinence but live like rock stars or who live an ascetic lifestyle outside of the mainstream disconnected from world in the main. … Details

The Akashics through hypnosis

“Akashic in Sanskrit means “space,” and Indian philosophy uses this term to describe a space representing a universal filing system that records every thought, word, and action in our lifetime. While people in trance may be influenced by a conscious memory of this well-known karmic term, more often than not in hypnosis, …subjects recalling spiritual libraries thing of these records as their life books, diaries, or as representing a kind of celestial television set for their utilization.”… Details

Healing may not mean well

Western culture medicine seems to look at health as a competition.  The unhealthy aspect of a person is something ‘other’ that is attempting to take over, modify, or destroy the person.  The medical establishment is a competitor that wants to ‘win’ by stopping the ‘other’ in their tracks and restoring the patient to life. … Details

What is Happy?

In talking with friends and clients I’ve found that there is a disconnect in people’s meaning of the word “happy”.  Some people say the word happy when they mean the sensation of being contented.  Others us it to mean being passionate about something and being able to participate in it. … Details

New to the Akashics

Kathy Karlander has some great advice for those just starting to work with the Akashic Records in her book Discovering the Essence of Your Soul. “Allow the information to flow into your thoughts without judgement or censoring.  This is often the most challenging part for new students. … Details

The Akashics are for Everyone

In the past 100 years, as our world has moved closer to a new age, more and more people have begun to experience heightened awareness of the connectedness of all things, the earth, politics, and personal interactions.  More have felt a calling to seek out ways in which to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.… Details

Balance, baby!

It’s officially Spring.  Today is the Spring Equinox which is the day when the amount of daylight is exactly the same as the amount of darkness.  It’s the turning of the tide where things will now become more light filled, colors will spring forth and soon there will be procreation and an explosion of cute baby animals everywhere. … Details