Clackamas Town Center

My heart goes out to everyone affected by the Clackamas Town Center shootings yesterday afternoon.  To the families of the deceased including the shooter and to the young lady who is recovering from her injuries and her family, my prayers are with you during this difficult time. …Details

Body Soul Reflection

In order to talk about spiritual matters, well to talk about anything really, our logical left brains categorize things, make structure and meaning out of things, which has led us, along with hundreds of other influences, to talk about the soul and the body as separate entities. …Details

Soul Groups

Soul groups play a crucial role in the development of souls throughout their existence.  While each soul is unique and develops individually, it is also interconnected with the other members of its soul group and with its teacher in a living web of relationships that nurture and foster everyone involved. …Details

Do It Differently

Christmas is upon us.  Which means a raft of activities all this month leading up to the grand holiday itself.  Not only is there decorating and shopping and holiday parties and school events, plus church events and volunteering and charity work and that extra toy for the toy drive….Ok,…Details

Your Own Experience

“You don’t have to be a chicken to make an omelette.”  One of my more favorite quotes and very, very true.  There are many ways to learn and personal experience is only one of them.  But in a world that has moved from agrarian conservatism where tradition is survival because trying something new can get you killed and all those who depend on you to innovation is king and we need to have new experiences each day or life is not worth living, our own personal experience has taken on a heightened significance. …Details