Nag, Nag, Nag

There are times when a nagging feeling just won’t go away.  Sometimes it’s about a situation that just doesn’t feel right.  On paper it seems just fine, logically everything should be good, but there is this nagging feeling, this warning that is going off and won’t quite stop. …Details

Color It In

Too many people construct a life out of defined lines, stark contrasts, and things boxed into place.  Bills and work and family and the constant barrage of expectations all come together to build a life that is more manufactured and processed than the take out food that gets them through their day because they have no time. …Details

Sorting & Sifting

In order to have space for the things you want to do and be in life, you have to say no.  There’s no way around it.  While you are living this resplendent embodied life you are finite. You are a finite resource and so must choose what you spend your energy doing and being. …Details

Just Talk It Out

One of the most underrated ways in which to find an answer or figure out a problem is to talk it out.  Seriously.  The wisdom of the ages is something Pat Sajak says night after night on Wheel of Fortune: “Just talk it out…maybe the right answer will pop out.”  Most people, if they start explaining to someone what the problem is, will provide the answer right along with it.…Details

And The Truth Is…

People are often confused because they can never resolve the issue.  They try and try, but nothing is good enough, right enough, appropriate enough…nothing is enough to resolve the issue for this one person in their life.  On top of that, when an issue actually gets resolved another issue shows up! …Details

It’s Cumulative

People talk about finding the path they should be on or the thing they should be doing like it’s one thing and when they find it the angels will all begin singing in unison, a shaft of light will fall on them and everything will become perfect in the new utopia. …Details

Are You Trustworthy?

So many people have trust issues.  Their bodies and their emotions can’t trust them.  They can’t be trusted to listen when the body needs something even when it signals so loud that the message is deafening.  At best there is benign neglect, but often there is also punishment. …Details

What Should I Do?

Lots of people are looking for that one job, that one career, that one practice or technique or skill that is their path and will make their life make sense.  It will give them purpose, bring them happiness, fill all the gaps in themselves and how they are living, bring them financial ease and basically be a fairy godmother riding a unicorn which farts rainbows and solves all life’s issues with a twirl of a wand. …Details