Declarative Statements

It's a trapA trap that people fall into is being engaged in what seems like a conversation. Once in it they realize they are in a now win situation because they are being asked to defend an action, a state of being, a decision and no answer they give will ever be right, good enough, or even satisfactory.… Details

I Want To Be Sure

Purple RainYou know that question that’s running around on social media: “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” It’s meant to get you to let go of your fear for a moment, let your right brain have a couple of seconds to unfold some of the low hanging fruit of things you want to do/be/accomplish, and then let reality snap back into focus.… Details

The Need For Play

Star_trek_shorve_leave_2_smallWe forget that the counter balance for work isn’t self-care, that’s often maintenance and triaging damage, but play. The type of play which has no goals, needs little planning, and fills us with delight. Like stopping at your favorite hobby shop just because, wearing Gothic skull head tennis shoes to walk to work, keeping a toy unicorn in your purse, or taking a Magic 8-ball into meetings because it’s answers will be just as useful as some from the department heads and it will break up tension in an otherwise deadly meeting of death by a thousand Power Points.… Details

Choosing to Enter the Cave

From Inanna: Queen of Heaven by Diane Wolkstein InannaMy Lady abandoned heaven and earth to descend to the underworld. Inanna abandoned heaven and earth to descend to the underworld. She abandoned her office of holy priestess to descend to the underworld… When Inanna arrived at the outer gates of the underworld, She knocked loudly.… Details


Hope, like most everything else, is neither good nor bad. Hope’s value is in how it’s applied. Hope propels a great many ventures into being, hope helps them succeed against the odds, and helps a person when they don’t. Hope also keeps us from acting when we know something hard has to be done.… Details

Follow Your Curiosity

Fractal-Mobius-Dragon-IFS-10Too many times we over think things, wanting to know where this is leading us, what we can do with it, what it all means, and where we’ll go next. It’s about feeling safe and in control. If we can see the cause and effect of things then we feel competent to make something out of it, our shoulders come out of our ears, and we somehow thing that we understand and even command the flow of becoming that we are wading through. … Details

Goose In a Bottle

goose in bottleI see a large number of people with Goose and Bottle problems.  They go around showing everyone the green bottle with the gosling in it and bewail the fact that the bottle is too priceless to break and the goose lays golden eggs and so can’t be harmed, but it can’t get out of the bottle and it will die and what’s to be done? … Details