Creating the Holiday

demolition-derby-corbin-hiarI was out running errands today.  Just the regular, getting life lived kinda errands. Nothing special and yet it turned into a tour de force of the holiday.  I needed to mail some cards and other items, but I was one stamp short so I decided to stop at the Post Office.…Details

Let’s Go Back

iyengar-yogaI started out this year with a list of things I wanted to bring into my life.  One of which was yoga.  I’ve done yoga of various kinds for the past 20 years and over the last 4 I’ve found Iyengar yoga which I absolutely love and for a while it seemed like the studio I had found, the teachers and the practice were exactly what I wanted. …Details

Weave Advice Into a Path

Hand WeavingWe’re living in an information age. There is a symphony of data on almost everything an anything, with thousands of people bringing new things that haven’t even been thought of before into being each day. Among all that are authorities who want to help people live up to their potential, be successful, be happy, have the life they desire, and follow their path.…Details

Challenging Traditions

book-christmas-treeHoliday traditions are wonderful things. They connect us to our family and culture. They allow us a kind of time warp where we are connecting the previous generations with ourselves and those to come. Traditions help us weave ourselves into a bigger tapestry, help bring memories to life, and reaffirm our role in our community.…Details

Toxic Parents

Mommy ScoldingNot everyone’s parents are a blessing to be cherished. Not everyone sees the word “parent” as an active verb or sees their role as being a caretaker. It is not uncommon for parents to see their children as a burden or as a means to an end. …Details

We Choose to Connect

Christmas candleFor some the holidays are full of uncomfortable connections. Being a time for gathering family and friends together, relationship issues which live in the background the rest of the year come front and center. The things we’d rather avoid (or people) loom ahead and it can feel inevitable.…Details