Let It Breathe

Decanted WineOne of the things I love about wines is that they change. Each glass is like a flower opening.  It has one smell and taste when it’s poured, another as it warms, another as it mixes with the oxygen in the room and each tick of the clock changes it. …Details

Winter’s Fire

FireplaceIn the winter months, when things are dark and cold, we think of fire as life. It is the warmth that we snuggle into, the symbol of hearth and home, the physical manifestation of the connected and safe feeling we get from community in harmony, the mellow light by which we see the internal world.…Details

The Shell Game

fire-monkey-figures-going-as-symbol-chinese-calendar-64060337It’s the year of the Red Fire Monkey.  Ever seen a monkey walk a straight line? Oh they might walk down a straightish branch, they might walk across a rope which is stretched straight. They will even take the straight line to get what they want.…Details

Breathe In

BreatheWe spend so much time breathing out.  Talking, planning, doing, making, going, waiting, getting….we breathe out and out and out and then wonder why we’re so depleted and can’t catch our breath. We can never seem to get caught up, never quite get on top of things, even now as we’re coming out of the pause between here and there we’re ramping up to full speed for the new year with what we would like to think is renewed vigor but isn’t.…Details

Red Fire Monkey New Year

Out with the old, in with the new.  While western astrology is good at digging into the dynamics and details of an individual, I am drawn to Chinese astrology because it provides insights into periods of time and group dynamics. In particular it is great at pointing out the global energies that will influence each year. …Details

Preparing for a New Year

New Year ChampagneRegardless of when you think the year ends, September/October for Israel, November for the Cherokee people, December 31 in Western culture, and February for the Chinese to name a few, making the transition is an opportunity for incorporating the wisdom gained from this year just passing and using it to start fresh. …Details