New Video Meditation

I’ve uploaded a new video Akashic meditation to my Youtube channel.  It’s called The Tor. The journey is a passage from Ancestors of Avalon by Diana Paxon and the footage is of Maryhill Stonehenge in Goldendale, WA. The heroine is a priestess who has dedicated her life to a prescribed path and yet is reminded time and again how she doesn’t fit with its needs and strictures.… Details

It’s Not a Detour

wooden-nickels-round-tuitIn spirituality we tend to try and braid three different aspects of ourselves into a holistic life: mundane/regular life, spiritual path, personal spiritual practice. It’s fairly common for people whose spiritual path is to be in service somehow to go through and initial healing phase or “Come to Jesus” moment where those things we’ve been living with and waiting to Get a Round Tuit become front and center.… Details

Power Dysmorphia

chimeraIt is unfortunately common for individuals to give up their personal power. It’s a weird twist where our need to associate and connect at the individual and group level which worked to create families, tribes, villages, and people, now serves to set us up for consumerism, manipulation, and on going life struggles.… Details


MorriganStatueMagicalOmahaStories are full of that dramatic moment. The one moment, that pause between the ending of everything that went before and the beginning of everything that comes after. The moment when they choose. In a drama we’re pretty sure they are going to choose the right way, be the hero or the anti-hero, choose to learn and transform, and everything is going to be all right.… Details

The In Between

magic-doorEver notice that we don’t step right on the doorway into a room or a building?  We step from this space to that space without actually touching the door frame.  Sometimes we lean on the door frame to talk with someone or wait to get someone’s attention (*cough* teenagers *cough*) but even then if you look, the feet are usually either in one room or another. … Details