MorriganStatueMagicalOmahaStories are full of that dramatic moment. The one moment, that pause between the ending of everything that went before and the beginning of everything that comes after. The moment when they choose. In a drama we’re pretty sure they are going to choose the right way, be the hero or the anti-hero, choose to learn and transform, and everything is going to be all right.… Details

The In Between

magic-doorEver notice that we don’t step right on the doorway into a room or a building?  We step from this space to that space without actually touching the door frame.  Sometimes we lean on the door frame to talk with someone or wait to get someone’s attention (*cough* teenagers *cough*) but even then if you look, the feet are usually either in one room or another. … Details

How Do I Know If I’m On The Right Path?

I’m very excited that, aka Chloë Rain, has published one of my long form articles: How Do I Know if I’m On The Right Path?

About Explore Deeply : The Art of Transformation & Healing  Although many of us hear the call of our inner desires and dreams, it is often difficult to find the path forward to our own awakening.… Details

A Line In The Sand

line-in-the-sandIt’s easy to get stuck in what can seem a hamster wheel of thinking, intending, planning, considering, and preparing. It feels productive but like a mirage, no matter how much you do you never quite reach a point in which the step over the finish line into actually being that instead of preparing to be that.… Details

My New Youtube Channel

Introducing my newest creative project, video guided meditations. I’m currently taking video of various spiritual sites and combining them with guided meditations. This allows people to experience bringing Akashic energy into embodied life through their own bodies and physical experience. The first video is of a walk through the public labyrinth at the Seattle Center, Seattle, WA.… Details

Sometimes You’re the Lesson

interpretive_danceIt’s easy to get over focused on getting our head around something in order to know what to do, then doing something in order to see things unfold. What in small amounts can be constructive becomes controlling in an instant and we think we’re being proactive when we’re being reactive, giving in to fear.… Details