Behaving is Believing

Funland_Hall_of_MirrorsIt is one of the hardest truths: “When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.” – Maya Angelou  It’s not hard to understand, but it can be so very hard to actually follow through with. We can end up in negative situations for years and even decades because we ignore the obvious, justify the egregious, and keep holding out hope for the possible.…Details

Ways to Transform

Dominical Red Mountain BoaWhen people think about transformations they think of caterpillars or butterflies.  That’s the romantic ideal that people really like.  That they live one life and then become something all together different, better, free, etc.  There’s so much symbolism in it and yet it also betrays our assumptions. …Details

Mother’s Who Can’t Love

Not everyone has a mother that is loving, supporting, or even caring. Some have mothers that are absent, dysfunctional or abusive.  This makes Mother’s Day a very difficult time because they are being asked to honor and celebrate someone who is a negative in their lives at a very deep level. …Details

The NonNegotiables

Verbally AbusiveIt’s funny how people will work so hard to achieve something, actually do it, and only then realize that it’s completely wrong for them. Not because they chose wrong, but because they absolutely ignored, misunderstood, or misrepresented things which were absolutely necessary for the success of the project. …Details

Grounded Living

Getting grounded isn’t just something your parents did to you and it’s not just about sitting out on a rock being still or calming down.  Grounding is an active process, half of the equation for healers and spiritual practitioners.  Without it we get sick, or overwhelmed, dealing with a host of symptoms as we get stuck with our clients energy and issues. …Details

Happy Beltane

Love Birds On NestIt’s the first of May. Spring is in full swing.  Birds are nesting, eggs are being laid, and soon there will be chicks hatching. New life will come into being.  Beltane is a time of lusty, robust procreation. It’s the time for things springing forth into being.…Details

The Undertow

undertow-smallIt’s something you have to deal with when you’re around moving water. Something you can’t see. You want to swim, the water looks inviting, when you get it it’s the right temperature and everything is flowing and then, whoosh, you are dragged under, disoriented, going in an unknown direction, and leaving everything you were and you had planned far behind.…Details