We Choose to Connect

Christmas candleFor some the holidays are full of uncomfortable connections. Being a time for gathering family and friends together, relationship issues which live in the background the rest of the year come front and center. The things we’d rather avoid (or people) loom ahead and it can feel inevitable.…Details

Shards of Glass

glass houseThis year seems to be a year of shattering.  All around me I listen to people as they tell me the stories contained in the glittering glass fragments strewn all around them.  They are beautiful as they reflect the light, the stories they contain are lovely and heart breaking and devastating. …Details


Angel Wingsby Elizabeth Gilbert Surrender is what happens when you come to the end of your power. Surrender is what happens when you have searched to the bottom of your soul and found out this truth — which is that you really can’t do this thing anymore.…Details

Gaslighting the Holidays

Many people struggle with the holidays for a variety of reasons.  One is that they go into a visit with their family certain of who they are, what their place is in the world, and how the world works only to come home feeling as if they have just come back from a trip to Alice’s Wonderland.…Details

Allies Vs. Crutches

We associate crutches with being broken, limited ability to do things, and being needy hence we have developed the term “crutches” as a negative. We label things as being crutches that are preventing us from standing on our own two feet, dealing with our issues, as a means of avoidance, and a distraction from what needs to be taken care of. …Details