Getting Your Fears Met

FEARThere’s lots of talk about “getting your needs met.” Heads nod as a list of needs gets reeled off including happiness, peace of mind, abundance, the ability to do what you are here to do and so on. Besides the fact that these aren’t needs nor wants but vague terms that are more feelings than anything factual, most people don’t work towards getting their needs met.… Details

Prioritize Yourself

cashartblog.comWe are prioritization specialists handling more activities than our ancestors ever dreamed would happen in a lifetime let alone a day.  We do more, know more, have access to more than ever in history.  To navigate this we’ve become manifestation-time navigating-prioritization experts. … Details

The Coast Is Clear

small-geodePeople seem to think that if you haven’t done something from the time you were little that you won’t be able to do it. It’s a bit like the reverse of those signs next to the rides at amusement parks.  “If you’re this tall then you’re too old to ride this ride.… Details

Old Habits Can Be Changed

PunishmentHabits aren’t just something that we do, they are small bits of our identity.  They are part of the framework we have built our lives on and therefore not easy to change.  Life is a full body experience exploding with sensory input in every second, so much so that we need to shut off input for hours at a time not only to let our bodies recuperate, but to let our minds process everything we have felt and learned so that we can become. … Details

Concentration is something that happens when we give ourselves permission to be ourselves. When we allow ourselves not just time outs to catch our breath before plunging back into the cacophony of all the business and the messages, the expectations and needs, the grinding of the wheels and everyone around us murmuring and gasping and shouting “Look at me??!!!”,… Details


hand gogglesSo much of what we struggle with is a matter of perception. We expend energy to fix something we perceive is broken and yet nothing ever changes. We see this as something which is a permanent flaw or an inherent error and so spend even more energy working around it with marginal success.… Details

Stop Pushing

We’ve all done it.  More than once, I’m betting.  Whether in big matters or small we have ignored every message, every indicator, every response, every reaction even within ourselves and pursued that one thing we’re stuck on to the point of exhaustion, just to take a deep breath and keep on going. … Details