Just Because You Can

Double Happiness…doesn’t mean the universe is telling you something.  It doesn’t mean you’re receiving a sign pointing you towards a profession or even as a way to make money.  Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you have to do it for yourself or anyone else. … Details

My Turn

walking-280x300Taking turns is something we learn at a very early age. If there is only one of something or only room for one person to be doing a thing at a time, then we have to take turns. That means we have to both wait for it to be our turn and relinquish things when our turn is done.… Details

Body Talk

Oriental DancerPeople joke about having too many voices in their head. The critical voice that sounds like an authority figure trying to control us. The devil on our shoulder trying to get us to go enjoy something or try something or express something.… Details

Clean It Up

Messy PaintCreating things is messy.  Transforming one thing into something else means that there are bits left over here and bits over there.  At the end what we are left with is the completed goal of the creation and the remains. Which means that before we can start on something new we need to clean things up.… Details

Getting Your Fears Met

FEARThere’s lots of talk about “getting your needs met.” Heads nod as a list of needs gets reeled off including happiness, peace of mind, abundance, the ability to do what you are here to do and so on. Besides the fact that these aren’t needs nor wants but vague terms that are more feelings than anything factual, most people don’t work towards getting their needs met.… Details