It’s Not Me It’s You

We’re responsible for our actions.  What we don’t often recognize is our reactions. Something happens and we don’t even know that it jerked off our path because the reaction is habitual and as persistent as air or gravity.  It’s just the way it is as far as we’re concerned.… Details

All The Distractions

To everything there is a season, right?  I have students and clients that come to me wanting to know why they aren’t making progress or why nothing is working.  They can tell me all the things which they are doing in their lives to make things better but things either don’t change or can even get worse. … Details

I Can’t Or I Won’t

SarlaccIt’s a really common human thing to hold ourselves back.  Our brains will rationalize it and make it seem logical and real, but in the end it’s all about fear.  On the one hand that’s a good thing.  We should keep ourselves out of danger and doing what is healthy and good for us, but being highly developed social beings that are rarely being attacked by wild animals or swallowed whole in a Sarlacc pit our fears range the gamut from real to imagined to “wow!… Details

It Starts With Demo

There are so many examples in life of why it’s not a good idea to try to create something new in the remains of something old.  You don’t cook in a pot you haven’t cleaned first.  Um, yuck.  You don’t bring your new sweetheart into your home until you’ve removed all the evidence of the old sweetheart, not if you want to remain unscathed and have this new relationship work out. … Details


Today in the United States we celebrate Veterans Day as a national holiday.  This has all the positives and draw backs of any other national holiday.  Most people have no real vested interest in it other than it’s a day off from work and it sucks the banks and post office are closed. … Details

Choosing No

I’m all about choosing yes.  At some point we have to decide that we’re going to do what we’re here to do, we’re going to reach out for the life we want, we’re going to be happy and we’re going to try to make that happen even if what we choose to do is wrong and we fail and succeed over and over again. … Details

Dive Into The Uknown

There’s a weird Catch 22 that people get into because they want things to change, but they are unwilling to release the death grip they have on them so the change can’t occur.  When prompted they will tell you they are afraid of the unknown and if they could just know what would happen, then they would be ok with letting go. … Details

Body Wisdom

We’re taught to think things through logically, make a plan, implement the plan in a logical manner, and good things will result.  You may even achieve your goal.  Yay!  But what if the goal is to know what is best for you? … Details

People & Behaviors

There are people that we enjoy.  We enjoy doing things with them, we enjoy having them around, and it’s ok when they go as well.  Like migratory birds we know they will be back again or we will join them and so there’s no angst, not worry, no regrets and no drive to do this or that. … Details