Not Smooth Sailing

The hope and dream for many is that once they figure out what their path/calling/soul purpose is, things will become clear, the clouds will part, the path will become smooth, everything will make sense, and the decisions will become obvious.  Which is the case, but like sex and comedy, it’s all in the timing.…Details

The Emotional Truth

People think that emotions don’t lie.  I think that’s true, but I think we get confused by what they are actually saying.  Sometimes we think they are connected with one person, pointing outwards, when they are referring to something within us that needs to be fulfilled or healed, pointing inwards. …Details

Trust Yourself

So many of us know exactly what we should be doing and how to get there from here, but we don’t trust that knowing.  The world around us tells us to be something else.  Tells us that the impractical, the illogical, the unique, the non-lucrative is something we should avoid at all costs. …Details

So What Am I Supposed To Do?

I come across this often in my work.  People want to know what their purpose here is, what task they’ve been set to accomplish, what’s the goal.  At the same time, I’m looking in their book and surrounded by their teacher and guides who are patiently waiting for the client to tell them what they want to do, what goal they want to accomplish, and how they want to pursue their purpose. …Details

What’s the Lesson?

I like it that so many people are becoming introspective enough to search for the lesson in experiences they have/had/are having.  They want to know what they are supposed to learn from any particular happening, which I find refreshing.  Even better when they take that knowledge and apply is common sensically (rather than obsessively, idealically, or haphazardly). …Details

Shrug It Off

Family of origin issues.  *wince* For a great many of us the topic is cringe worthy or depressing or exhausting just to think about.  Working with the issues we have acquired through living with (or surviving) or families is something we naturally do in our 20’s but may take much more. …Details

Surrendering Common Sense

Romantic love is blind.  It’s weird and makes no sense.  It’s magical and alchemical.  Love allows us to surrender common sense and open ourselves to the improbable and miraculous.  It teaches us about ourselves, often in dramatic and painful ways, and we are the better for it in the end.…Details

Bringing It To A Head

One of the effects of any visit to the Akashics is that, most of the time, you will experience what is most relevant to you in that moment in time.  When we experience this in our normal lives we think of it as synchronicity or forces at work that are looking out for us and what we receive or experience is usually acting on us on one or two levels, mental and emotional, emotional and general well being, that kind of thing. …Details

Unintended Consequences

Something we learn about as we mature is that, even with the best of intentions, some actions have unintended consequences.  Some things affect people in dramatic ways even though that’s what we were trying to avoid or that’s the last thing we would do, etc, etc, etc. …Details