Being Connected

We humans are social creatures.  We’re meant to belong in a variety of ways.  We have connections to our family of origin and make new ones by marriage and by having children.  We create community through our friends and our families of choice. …Details

We Are Divine Source

In the 16th century Rabbi Isaac Luria started teaching about the beginnings of the universe.  God withdrew itself making a space where there was nothing, therefore something could come into being.  Drawing from itself it created urns which it filled with its essence. …Details

If Only

It’s common for people to get stuck in relationships, not because there is anything sticky in the relationship, not because there is any confusion or misunderstandings about it , but because we dwell on “if only.”  “If only they would do this….”…Details

There’s A Time For Everything

Life isn’t black and white, either/or, and how we live shouldn’t be either.  We should be practical and fanciful, clear-eyed and dreamy, living in the now but remembering our past and planning for our future.  We should be flexible enough to take advantage of opportunities as they arise, incorporating the results into ourselves, then adjusting the plan as necessary while keeping ourselves on an ever adjusting course. …Details

Be Like Water

Bruce Lee: Artist of Life (Bruce Lee Library) Bruce Lee writes: After spending many hours meditating and practicing, I gave up and went sailing alone in a junk. On the sea I thought of all my past training and got mad at myself and punched the water!…Details

Change – Some Assembly Required

There’s this weird thing that happens when people talk about moving forward in their lives or making changes or manifesting their purpose or their dreams or…whatever.  On the one hand they talk about how they want things to be and then in the next breath they turn and look back at how things have “always been” or “what happened when” and extrapolate the future based on that. …Details


At some point you have to commit.  It doesn’t matter about the signs, about the approval of authority figures, permission from spiritual beings, the stars alignment or what your family thinks.  Too many times all these things are in agreement that we should do the thing we want most in the world and yet nothing happens. …Details