Craft Your Life

Life is what happens while you’re making plans.  We’re taught to plan things before we execute, think ahead, work smarter not harder, that way we can get from here to there, achieve our dreams somewhat in the same way a classical army would “take that hill!” … Details

Happily Ever After

…is a phrase that ends children’s stories.  No need to worry about what comes next.  The good guys get rewarded, the bad guys are either gone or have learned their lessons, and all is right with the world.  No more work, no more struggle, no more heavy lifting, just bliss and happiness and playtime forever. … Details

Looks Good On Paper

Ever had an exchange with someone over email or text where you completely misunderstood what was meant?  What is on paper loses something in translation and emoji and emoticons can’t quite make up for the emotional content which makes the intent and possibly the whole meaning mysterious and up to interpretation. … Details

Stop Processing

Being in process is the “finding myself” of the 21st Century.  Being in process, getting into the process, figuring out the process, following through on the process, seeing it for what it is, just letting it….Oh good grief!  Time to process the processing of your process elsewhere, please.… Details

Kabbalah Class Progress

Akashic MeditationsFor those who aren’t aware, I’m working on a new class for  It’s a Kabbalah 101 class focused on the Tree of Life, specifically on how this is a blueprint for manifestation.  The Tree of Life, like the Chakra system, is part of our bodies but describes in detail the steps on how we manifest things into the world and how we incorporate the lessons and wisdom we gain in manifested embodied life back into ourselves, our souls.… Details