The First Forest

Apply Akashic AdviceOne of the places you can visit in the Akashics is the First Forest.  It is a vast place which spans every conceivable ecosystem of forest that we know and those that no longer exist here and others that have never existed here, but are possible or that are echos of other places. … Details

Self-Limiting ‘I Know’

On the one hand ‘know thyself’ is the hardest thing to do in the world.  It’s not necessarily flattering, it challenges all of the avoidance/survival mechanisms we’ve acquired (business, denial, self-medication), and asks us to change our identity with which we have become comfortable if not happy. … Details

3 Ways to Walk Your Path

A great deal of focus in the world of spirituality is focused on ‘finding your bliss’ or figuring out your path in this life.  Which is great and as it should be.  But what I have found over time is that there are three general ways in which one can walk their path.… Details

It’s Saturday

…why are you reading this?  Get outside and enjoy yourself! Ok, if you’re reading this while you’re outside enjoying yourself then fine.  Better if you’re in the shade enjoying an adult beverage while you read it, but maybe that’s just the mood I’m in today….because… Details

How Spiritual Is Spiritual

At some point anyone who is seeking their spiritual path will meet at least one of these scenarios: The person who has THE newest or newly discovered/created spiritual practice that cures cancer, removes your karma, is the shortest path to peace and will remove war from the human experience if just everyone would do it.… Details

So You’ve Healed that Huh?

Doing Akashic readings is a joy to me and endlessly fascinating.  Every person is different, every story and direction is unique and where the go and how they choose to get there can be amazing and inspiring.  I especially like it when my client has done all the heavy lifting in this life and gets to relax and play and enjoy themselves for the rest of their life. … Details

It’s In How You Ask The Question

Many times we either ask questions that are too general or too specific.  Asking if the person is the right person to be dating right now is probably too specific.  And you probably already know the answer.  And your guides are probably going *face palm*  Asking what type of people you should be dating, should you be dating right now, how to find the right person to date, these are all great questions because they are to the point, but general enough that you can actually get good information and action items from them. … Details

Sometimes It’s Not Your Lesson

We are by nature self-centered.  It’s a survival mechanism.  The world is neither dangerous nor safe, but if we don’t look where we’re driving or drive where we’re looking bad things can happen.  So you can think of it more as self-preservation rather than self-centeredness, but this necessity skews our perceptions of the world as does the fact that we are discreet entities inside bodies. … Details