Anything but THAT!

Ever had family or friends or a colleague who had an issue?  Well, a problem?  Yeah, in the corporate world it’s called a challenge, but I’m not feeling PC at the moment so let’s be pragmatic, shall we? Notice that everyone but them knows about the problem? … Details

What’s past is prologue

Just like personal past or history or baggage, however you want to look at it, Past Lives inform our current existence.  We are what we have been and only have what we have created to work with in this life. So to a certain extent remembering where we have been, what we have done, what has happened to us, and what we learned from it is a very good thing. … Details


We are taught that prayer is about gratitude or asking for what we need.  Gratitude is a great way to be conscious about the wonders that occur in our lives every day and being grounded in the now of what we have and appreciating our lives in a healthy way. … Details


“But they say it should go like this…”  Somewhere there is a healthy balance between what others have experienced or say that things should be and what the individual experiences and needs.  Because in the end, each of us is unique and no one theory or practice or method is going to work for everyone. … Details


Vacations are amazing things.  We go somewhere complete different, do different things, have a different schedule, and hopefully come back refreshed and exhilarated or at least more experienced.  But what are we coming back to?  Vacations are not one way; they are round trip. … Details

Overcome your need to Overcome

I remember when I was first experiencing sweatlodge and listening to water pourers and elders talk about it.  Some come from what is deemed a warrior perspective: it needs to be hot, it needs to be difficult, you need to wrestle with your issues, be broken down, and then build yourself back up through getting through it, failing, succeeding, and cracking yourself open through hard work and overcoming your resistance to the process. … Details

Is it normal?

It’s a common trope these days.  Without local community, with families spread apart geographically, schools over crowded, and our society becoming ‘global’ and electronically ‘social’ it is hard to find any standards for behavior other than what is presented in the ubiquitous an overwhelming advertising we are subjected to each minute. … Details

Don’t Sweat…

Know that saying ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s all small stuff.’  Well, yes.  In the end, unless you’re a Marvel comic’s super hero or a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist, it’s all small stuff.  So don’t sweat it.  But do pay attention to it. … Details