What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

Adults just love asking kids that question for some reason.  I mean, we know that what they say has no relation to what will actually unfold.  We know that they have no idea what is possible and they will just pick things that sound exciting and that they’ve been told they should want such as fireman or policeman or pirate or princess or pirate princess or *name any super hero*. … Details

And Then the Tsunami

Ever feel like you’re running in place and getting nowhere?  Or that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel but can never reach it?  It’s kinda like there’s a cosmic practical joker out there snickering at us while we try and try and try to reach something perpetually out of reach. … Details

Lost Coping Skills

Mercury Retrograde. PMS. Midlife Crisis. Menopause. These are just some of the examples of when we feel lost, that things go spinning out of control, there are crashes and explosions, it seems like people become the worst of themselves, things get ripped away, our mouth cops can shut down completely, and people turn into aliens we have never met before. … Details

Like Magnets

There’s an art to figuring out what you really want.  Most people think that it’s a science and it’s logical and so their left brain gets involved and things go something like this: A) Feeling that something is missing or not quite right.… Details

Berserker Healing

There is a common factor that every warrior knows about themselves and others.  It is so ingrained that we think of it almost as a force of nature.  It’s the need for self-preservation.  People may talk about giving 100% of themselves to a project or activity, but what they actually mean is they are giving 100% of what is expected of them.… Details

You Can Stop ‘Splainin

It’s funny how people feel the need to explain why they have spent the day the way they have.  I’m not talking about those who are bragging while trying to seem not to brag.  Bleh.  No I mean your every day person who decides to explain why they did something other than work hard and crank out services or products or meetings or coffee (Ummm….coffee)… Details

Dig In

A really common question is “So how do I make a living at it?”  You know, this thing you like to do as a hobby or this idea of something you think you might like to do, or this idea that you have which you haven’t tried yet…that. … Details

Stop Self Identifying with Not

When I was in undergrad my friends and I had many deep discussions about religion and beliefs.  Also about coffee and what was in that mystery punch and if we’d ever have peach schnaps after that one night….anyway we would talk about what tradition we were raised in or not, if we still believed in that for ourselves or not, and how we planned on practicing going forward. … Details