The Akashics is Not Just a Library

Most people, when learning about or working with the Akashics are dealing directly with the Akashic Library.  Which makes sense because most people doing so are looking for answers, working on self-exploration, seeking healing, etc., etc., etc.  As the Library holds a great many answers and beings who can help people find the answers, it makes sense to focus there. … Details

Change Resistant

I focus a lot on self-improvement and self actualization in my blogs.  Mostly because it’s the one thing any of us has control over.  However, in this year of the Snake where we’re being challenged to make deep internal changes and transitions, I think it’s worth talking about some externals as well. … Details

Break the Habit

What habits do you have that set the structure for your life?  Do you over think things?  Do you leap before you look?  Do you just wander letting life set your course for you?  Do you try to force life into the course you want it to have? … Details

Math is Hard

I had a friend with a great sense of humor, sometimes wickedly so.  One of his more oft used phrases, said in a comedic ‘idiot’ type of voice was, “Math is Hard”.  This could mean that someone was claiming they hadn’t done a project because the most basic parts of it were too difficult for them to put out the effort or it had made them significantly late in getting it done. … Details

Have to, Need to, Get to

Something I figured out about myself a while ago is the categories I put things into in my head when I’m thinking about everything that could/should/would happen in that day.  Being a Capricorn I’m a list maker and so either the night before or in the morning I’m making to-do list. … Details

Fear as a teacher

There is so much out there right now about ignoring your fears, releasing them, powering through them, not letting them hold you back, etc, etc.  But what about actually listening to them?  Fear is a warning sign that something is going on that you need to attend to. … Details