The Akashics and Ancient Texts

My life right now is full of reading. For a subject that very few people know about at this point in time, you would not believe how much information is out there about the Akashics!  I have a small list of books and sites listed on my website on the Resources page and I’ll be adding more shortly, but that’s just a small sampling.… Details

Akashic Records

I have written a great deal about The Akashics Soul Books and The Soulpeople’s Akashic Records or their Soul Books and you can find this information accumulated in one place in my free e-book, The Akashics, Soul Books, and the Soul.  However, its summer and I thought it might be good to do a quick recap of the essentials. … Details

Akashic Experiences

Because we are humans, bipedal beings who rely on intelligence rather than strength or speed for our survival and well being, and because we are taught in our culture that we are the top of the food chain and made in the image of the supreme being, we assume that anything on ‘the other side’ would look like us, act like us, and basically be us with slight tweaks for wisdom or awesomeness factors. … Details

Looking At The Ancient Texts

Humans have known about the Akashics forever.  Lately I’ve been exploring those references to see how others have perceived it, how they apply that knowledge to their spirituality and mythology and how it informs their practice.  It’s interesting to see the wide range of cultures that have retained written texts on the subject.… Details

Akashic Meditation

In the Akashics there are any number of ways to discover things about yourself and your life only one of which is reading from your Soul Book.  In my online class Find Your Soul Purpose Through The Akashics I teach a number of them including meeting your animal guide, going to a place which is specifically for you, and finding an item which is yours and holds significance for you. … Details

Be Seen

We are by nature social creatures.  We’re not meant to live in isolation.  But what does that actually mean in the 21st century?  Where being social can mean being online in a MMORPG or on a social networking site of which there are a massive variety? … Details

You Are The Challenge

The most exciting part of working with the Akashics, in my experience, is revealing new pieces of my own journey, new facets of myself that I have not yet explored, and receiving perspectives on the experiences I’ve had in my life that I never would have arrived at on my own. … Details