When Are You No Longer Expendable?

Hopefully each of us will come to a point where we will stay “enough.”  So much of our lives is about being told that other priorities are more important than ours.  The boss, the bank, the company, the government, our parents, our children, everyone else’s opinion and needs and desires require our attention and efforts. … Details

It’s An Ancient Practice

In religious and spiritual communities it is common to hear that this or that practice is thousands of years old.  This is said to give the practice gravitas, authority, show that it’s time tested and incontrovertibly good for you.  In the same way that organic food is better than regularly farmed and ranched food. … Details

I Want To Be Treated Better

I can’t think of anyone that doesn’t want to be treated well.   Of course, I don’t know all the billions of people in the world so I’m not the best judge of all the possibilities in the world, but in general, the people I interact with nationally and internationally all express a desire to be treated with respect, with dignity, and at a minimum not to be deterred from going about their daily activities by any form of manipulation physical/emotional/spiritual/mental. … Details

I’m Passing

“People don’t know.  They see me as normal.  I don’t want them to know what I really am…..I’m so lonely…”  Yep, there is a correlation.  To be known you have to be seen.  To be seen you have to actually act as if you are who you really are. … Details

Rebuilding Trust

Trust is a huge issue for lots of us out there, but not the way you might think and usually not the way people talk about it.  There are lots of conversations and books and therapists and clergy out in the world telling us that we need to trust others. … Details

They’re All I’ve Got

As a writer it’s interesting to me to note the way people talk about things, the words they choose and how they use them.  Like when discussing family.  The word family almost always means family of origin.  When someone is talking about their spouse or their kids, that’s what they call them. … Details

Special Vs. X-Man

People ask me some of the best questions ever.  What planet do I come from?  Was I Cleopatra in a previous life?  What special gifts do I have so that I can save the world?  The list goes on.  On the one hand they make me smile because they are fun questions and there’s a lot to delve into with each one of them. … Details

Nothing Works

“I’ve tried EVERYTHING!”  It’s the tried and true refrain that starts most every advertisement for house cleaning products and gadgets.  Of course, there’s this one magical product that is the solution to the problem and will magically make life make sense: Amazmaflagicum! … Details

Oh The Drama!

We are social beings and as such have social “knee jerk reactions” to situations that are common to pretty much all of us.  One of these is to hide our emotional vulnerability.  Being vulnerable can make us prey to others who are not, can be detrimental to our social status, can open us up to all kinds of negative interactions. … Details

Mean What You Say

If I wanted oblique references to things I’d talk with a politician.  If I wanted spin I’d talk to a car salesman.  If I wanted to be passively aggressively encouraged to do something, I’d take in more advertising.  Mean what you say and say what you mean, not that you have to be mean about it. … Details