Change – Some Assembly Required

There’s this weird thing that happens when people talk about moving forward in their lives or making changes or manifesting their purpose or their dreams or…whatever.  On the one hand they talk about how they want things to be and then in the next breath they turn and look back at how things have “always been” or “what happened when” and extrapolate the future based on that. … Details


At some point you have to commit.  It doesn’t matter about the signs, about the approval of authority figures, permission from spiritual beings, the stars alignment or what your family thinks.  Too many times all these things are in agreement that we should do the thing we want most in the world and yet nothing happens. … Details

Don’t Assume

We sometimes build our own cages through assumptions or the opinions and assumptions of others.  Then we lock ourselves in them and rail at fate for making us a victim.  It’s a survival trait to put our energy into what we know will work. … Details

When Do Things Go Bad?

So many of us hope for and work for positive change in our lives.  We dream of the day when money isn’t a struggle, when we aren’t surrounded by people who treat us badly, when we are free to be who we truly are, when we can live the life we are meant to… and yet when it happens we don’t believe it. … Details

So What Does It Take?

Change happens. It’s the only constant in the universe.  I’ve heard so many people say that people don’t change but of course they do.  They change all the time.  They have experiences, they interact with an every changing universe, they are who they are and in every moment they are becoming more. … Details

When Are You No Longer Expendable?

Hopefully each of us will come to a point where we will stay “enough.”  So much of our lives is about being told that other priorities are more important than ours.  The boss, the bank, the company, the government, our parents, our children, everyone else’s opinion and needs and desires require our attention and efforts. … Details

It’s An Ancient Practice

In religious and spiritual communities it is common to hear that this or that practice is thousands of years old.  This is said to give the practice gravitas, authority, show that it’s time tested and incontrovertibly good for you.  In the same way that organic food is better than regularly farmed and ranched food. … Details