Once Again With Feeling

Our minds are amazing problem solvers.  If we start thinking about something, even vaguely, all of a sudden information start spooling out, ideas about what I could do with that, what could be, how I would do it differently, ‘hmmmm…I’d like to know more about that…’, and on and on. … Details

Take A Look

I have a number of new articles published at Kumarahub.com.  You can check them out here:  Akashic Insights Liz at Kumarahub.com also has a new Facebook page with wonderful articles and insights.  You can find it here:  https://www.facebook.com/Kumara.Meditation  … Details

Yes But…

So it’s January and in this year of the horse we’re being asked to get a move on.  Actually, we’re being asked to keep up because the energy is moving with or without us.  For many people that will mean taking the first steps towards achieving our dreams, finally letting go of the have to’s and walking into a life we’ve been preparing for all these years, or realizing that “someday” has become now and we get to start living our bliss. … Details

Bringing It Here

So much about spirituality is focused on either going in or going somewhere else.  Looking outside the self to a better place, working to release from the physical body with all of its needs and it’s missteps and mistakes and desires and whims so we can be in a perfected state and achieve bliss and enlightenment. … Details

What About Both/And?

I’m a fan of “both/and.”  I think that quite a few problems come from the either/or way of thinking and the “my way or the highway” mode of perceiving the world.  I work with lots of really great people who believe and perceive that there is no way to get from here to there because they way they have decided the world works is the way it actually works, it’s their way, and it’s not going allow them to achieve whatever is they want and/or need. … Details

Is It Self Evident?

We all make assumptions about things.  Our life can sometimes be a dance of making an assumption and then finding out that what we assumed doesn’t match the reality.  We assume that it will rain that day because of the way the weather is in the morning and what the news tells us, then it doesn’t rain. … Details

Can You Hear Me Now?

One of the things I have learned from reaching people’s soul books is that there is a limit to how much future information or just information in general that any particular client can take in, which is directly connected with the transformation nature of the information. … Details