Communicating live with a person is the original multimedia experience.  It’s not only about the vocalizations, it’s about body language, facial expressions, hand gestures, reference points in space, the environment…it’s a full body process.  To make it even richer we encode huge amounts of meaning into packets which we can then include by inference so we put our energies into moving things along. … Details

With The Grain

If you’ve ever worked with wood or been around wood workers you’ll have heard “Go with the grain.”  If you want to make something smooth, sand with the grain (the lines in the wood).  If you sand against it you tear up the wood and just make a rough mess. … Details


Balance doesn’t come from being perfectly still.  Try it.  Being still takes so much energy.  It’s one of the reasons that kids resist it so much. Our bodies do too, but as adults we override our natural and healthy desire to move with negative consequences. … Details


Everyone at some point in their life (or their day) will feel overwhelmed.  There will be too much input, too much emotion, too much expected, too much….  When overwhelm happens we react.  Being a deer in the headlights is a reaction, it’s just not an active one.… Details

I Need To Have A Win

There are things I have learned about myself and the gym which have completely changed our relationship for the better.  For years I thought it was me.  I was unmotivated, I had a bad attitude, I just wasn’t cut out for fitness, I just needed to work harder, I would get around to it when the right time came….which… Details

Emotional Illiteracy

Many people have learned, due to difficult childhoods, dysfunctional families, highly competitive work environments or traumatic events that emotions are a vulnerability.  They are a weakness, a deadend that takes away time and energy from more productive pursuits, uncontrollable, never appropriate, and something to be rigidly controlled or avoided. … Details

Models for Transformation

When people think about transformations they think of caterpillars or butterflies.  That’s the romantic ideal that people really like.  That they live one life and then become something all together different, better, free, etc.  There’s so much symbolism in it and yet it also betrays our assumptions. … Details

World Peace or PBJ?

“Tell me what I need to live my best life?”  -Um…world peace or whirled peas….and a pbj sandwich.  Seriously.  Could the question be broader and therefore more useless?  It’s not that we shouldn’t be asking.  It’s not that we shouldn’t be seeking. … Details