But It Didn’t Work Last Time…

We talk about careers, paths, and life works as if they are linear.  As if each thing we do builds to the next and the next in a nice progression.  Or that it’s something like Eat/Pray/Love where we just aren’t listening to what we should be doing and even though the path may seem crazy and chaotic it’s actually leading in a linear way to our goal.…Details

Another Slant of Akashic

Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) has published a new article on the Akashics.  It’s  adapted from Kevin J. Todeschi’s book Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records: The Book of Life, and is a good summary of Edgar Cayce’s take on the Akashics and the view point of the Association. …Details

Spiritual Timing

People talk about the manifestation process as if it’s a magic wand they need to locate and then everything will just appear.  Pop!  Well, it just isn’t so.  It might be that way if the world was actually a mechanism like science has taught us to believe. …Details

New Article About Spirit Guides

AllThingsHealing.com has published an article by yours truly which is on Spirit Guides and how to work with them. You can find it here:  http://www.allthingshealing.com/Intuition-Symbols/How-to-Work-with-Your-Guides AllThingsHealing.con a great website providing articles about everything you might be interested in when living a holistic life from green living to spiritual practices to healing modalities. …Details

How come….

“How come other people are able to follow their path so easily and I have to struggle so hard?”  “How come other people get what they want without trying and I’m still stuck?”  “How come other people are lucky and I’m not?”…Details

Blogging Schedule This Weekend

Just to let everyone know, I’m at the Willamette Writers Conference August 2,3,4 and so my posts might be delayed for the next three days.  Or just non-existent depending on how things go.  So to keep you occupied, here’s a picture of my cat: She exemplifies the pursuit of your true path. …Details

Life Imitates Spirituality

We are spiritual beings living an embodied life.  We weren’t forced to come here, karma didn’t require it, we’re not prisoners here waiting for release, we chose this.  For a myriad of reasons that fall into categories such as Personal Growth, Service to Others, Exploration, Graduate Studies, Practical Application of Apprenticeship Skills, and so on. …Details