Akashic Sign Post

“So where do I go from here?”  “I think I know where I’m going but I want to be sure…” “I’m headed in the right direction but I think there’s more…”  We all want to be on our best path for a successful and happy and fulfilling life. …Details

Big Cats and the Medicine Journey

One of the themes that shows up in the chat board posts for my classes is “My animal guide is a (leopard/panther/lion/cheetah) which is really surprising to me because [fill in personal reason here].”  Next to pets either living or no longer with us this is the most common animal guide to have in my classes.  …Details

The Shifting forms of Animal Guides

When people work in the Akashics, either through my classes or through other means, one thing that is a constant is the communication that comes in the form of form.  I’ve written about this before here and commented in the chat room for my classes, but it bears repeating and specifically with animal guides and totems.…Details

How To Work With Your Guides

Everyone has spiritual guides.  Everyone.  It takes a team to keep us in an embodied life.  Sometimes they don’t have a lot to do because their person’s got it covered.  Sometimes they don’t have a lot to do because their person doesn’t take on any of the challenges, lessons, or joys that they planned to do this time around. …Details

Akashic Research

My project for this summer is to dig into the various religions and ancient texts that speak of, understand, or use the Akashics.  Which means that currently my living room is host to piles of books, none of which are light summer reading or something you would delve into last thing before going to bed. …Details