Sacred Space – Here and There

Like many things in our lives we have a very us/them relationship with Sacred Space.  For the most part we see it as other than us, residing in buildings specifically designed to create and contain it such as churches, existing in nature such as awe inspiring mountains, water falls, rivers, or canyons, and forming temporarily in large public gatherings such as the Presidential inauguration or Burning Man.… Details

Right Brain Opposite Land

Our left brain seeks to make meaning out of the world around us including our personal experiences of it.  Many times it weighs these experiences the same as physical laws such as gravity, so if something has always happened to you in the past, just like objects always having to fall to earth, this something will always happen to you in the future. … Details

Change Happens

People speak about change in two very contradictory ways.  One puts people in the role of victim.  “You can’t stop change from happening.  You are born, you grow old, then you die.”  Which, while true, misses some key facts along the way such as our bodies constantly repairing themselves, sluffing off old cells and building new ones and the fact that while we do this we still manage to hold onto things like scars and birthmarks even though the cells that make them up are replenished hundreds and hundreds of times over the years.… Details

It’s a Two Way Street

It’s funny to me how we tend to think of things as going only one way.  Such as the external world doing things to us, but us having hardly any impact on the external world.  It’s like we’re a leaf being blown around by the wind and we can’t see that we may be creating a wind block for others so they aren’t affected by the wind or that the wind lifts us up and carries us over obstacles or that we can float with the wind and enjoy the ride. … Details

Self Care

As adults a great part of our life is about the limited amount of time and energy we have in each day and how we choose or don’t choose to use it.  Many years ago I took a management class which was mainly fluff and incredibly basic, but there was one gem that I have remembered from it. … Details

Seeing Blindly

There is definitely a line between focusing on a goal, and focusing so tightly on what we want that we are unable to see what is right in front of you.  It’s good to work towards something and to focus on that enough to be able to accomplish it. … Details