The Examined Life

I was on the phone (long ago in the landline days) with someone having an intense conversation. I don’t remember what it was about at this point just to show how amazingly relevant it was. However, in the middle of the conversation the line went dead.… Details

Going Into the Depths

There are some things about human beings that we have become amazingly distanced from due to civilization, urbanization, and mechanization.  The fact that we are mammals that prefer to live above ground, we are diurnal liking daytime and sunlight, and we are by nature social/herd animals who for safety and emotional well being live in groups. … Details

Liminal Space

One of the things which has drawn me to the writings of Charles De Lint is how he thinks of the movement between what we consider reality, and what lies beyond it.  His works of Urban Fantasy place the people and creatures of myth, legend, and story into our everyday lives and weave the connections giving us answers to “Why is that…?”… Details

Manifesting 101 – Part II

People speak about fear as detracting from manifesting.  And this can be true, but it depends on what you mean by fear.  Being afraid of something in real time, like an oncoming car or a bear standing next to you in the woods, or the decorative railing on the balcony of a high rise apartment are all good fears that help your body gear up to keep you safe. … Details

Manifesting 101 – Part 1

Manifestation in its simplest form is a conversation between an individual and the Universe in all its aspects.  One side speaks and then the other in an ongoing communication that allows each to express itself.  This being the case, the clearer the person is on what they are trying to communicate the better chance for the receiver to understand and be able to respond appropriately. … Details

Sacred Space – Here and There

Like many things in our lives we have a very us/them relationship with Sacred Space.  For the most part we see it as other than us, residing in buildings specifically designed to create and contain it such as churches, existing in nature such as awe inspiring mountains, water falls, rivers, or canyons, and forming temporarily in large public gatherings such as the Presidential inauguration or Burning Man.… Details

Right Brain Opposite Land

Our left brain seeks to make meaning out of the world around us including our personal experiences of it.  Many times it weighs these experiences the same as physical laws such as gravity, so if something has always happened to you in the past, just like objects always having to fall to earth, this something will always happen to you in the future. … Details