Junk In The Trunk

There are a great many things in life that we either do not or cannot deal with in the moment:  feelings, situations, choices, trauma…  This doesn’t mean that they don’t happen or that we can avoid them, but we aren’t or aren’t able to be present to deal with them in the moment as they happen. … Details

Pushing When The Door Says Pull

We’ve all done it.  More than once, I’m betting.  Whether in big matters or small we have ignored every message, every indicator, every response, every reaction even within ourselves and pursued that one thing we’re stuck on to the point of exhaustion, just to take a deep breath and keep on going. … Details

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all those who are mothers and are loving their children, and grandchildren, step-children, step-grandchildren….You deserve this day for all the wonderful things you do and for all the doubts you suffer and you do the best you can. … Details

Akashic Soul Book Workshop in September

Learn How To Access Your Akashic Record

September 12-14, Montrose, PA Based on my online Soul Book classes this 3 day workshop will allow my students to explore how to reach and interact in the Akashics.  Students will be introduced to their own soul book, what is known as an Akashic Record, delve into the details of their soul and what messages are provided by the book, as well as receive in-depth instruction into the various chapters within a soul book.… Details


Most of us think of surrender in negative terms.  It’s associated with loss, loss of sovereignty, loss of control, loss of the goal we were striving for, possibly loss of dignity, loss of self-esteem.  Surrender is something we see mostly in terms of conflict: war, politics, rivalries, and business. … Details


“Everything happens for a reason” Well, that’s a lovely thought and I know it has really helped people through horrific times.  Unfortunately I find, over and over again, that it isn’t the truth.  I look in people’s soul books seeking an answer for why this or that happened, what the person is meant to learn from it, and why on Earth they would agree to such a thing. … Details

You Actually Do Know

There is so much wisdom stored up in each one of us.  I’m amazed by how much comes forth from the most average looking person in a random setting during a seemingly normal activity.  We’re all professors of life full of enlightenment who spend most of our lives refusing to talk with ourselves about it and keeping ourselves so busy with everything else that we have no time to realize it.… Details

The Occult Problem

My life is pretty wacky at the best of times.  While the general populace is going to concerts and getting together to yell at the basketball game, shrieking at bad calls by refs and cheering on their favorite players, going out to play games and enjoy the water and sun, I’m writing blogs and working with clients on their past life issues, writing metaphysical classes and reading obscure and ancient texts about spirituality and the occult. … Details

Being Receptive

“The receptive is a phenomenal power–it attracts, generates, it sets the whole dance in motion.  In the Hindu tradition, divinity is symbolized by a yoni, surrounding a lingam.  The yoni draws the lingam in just as much as the lingam thrusts. … Details