Keep It Moving

Emotions are meant to be felt and to move.  If you don’t feel them at the moment they will come out at another place and time, not necessarily of your choosing.  Even worse, if feelings aren’t acknowledged at all, they can act like teenagers, moving into the background and plotting another more extensive means of gaining attention. …Details

So Will This Happen Or That?

Many times clients come to me wanting to know what is going to happen to them next as if they are a passive recipient of their life and not a participant.  Most of them have a perspective on the spiritual which sees them as a student with a teacher who is constantly giving them lessons to learn, then evaluating those lessons, and they either move on to the next or try again. …Details

Words Vs. Actions

Not everyone means what they say.  I know…shocker…spoiler alert…but it’s true.  As much as we all know that it’s still something that trips us up time and again.  Sometimes because the person saying things is really good at saying things other than what they mean and other times because we really truly want whatever it is they are saying to be true. …Details

Our Thoughts Do What?

This winter in the US/Canada has been just a wild and crazy as last year, if less destructive in a dramatic disaster kinda way.  Instead of huge storms coming in we’ve had arctic blasts that last for days and weeks and move deeply south into areas that aren’t prepared for it. …Details

Listen To Your Body

In this year of the Horse a lot of our lessons are going to come through the body.  Ok, I hear that deep sigh that just happened.  I bet you’re thinking that you’ve heard this sermon before.  Eat right, get lots of sleep, exercise, get a hobby, ergonomics at work, get up every 20 minutes if you work on a computer, blah…blah…blah. …Details

What’s In A Dream

There are all kinds of dreams.  Stress dreams (standing in front of the class in your underwear), prophetic dreams, sex dreams, informational dreams, and pee dreams (the dream you remember as you’re waking up that has all this water imagery in it.)  All dreams have meaning to them although many of them are pretty obvious. …Details