Surrendering Common Sense

Romantic love is blind.  It’s weird and makes no sense.  It’s magical and alchemical.  Love allows us to surrender common sense and open ourselves to the improbable and miraculous.  It teaches us about ourselves, often in dramatic and painful ways, and we are the better for it in the end.…Details

Bringing It To A Head

One of the effects of any visit to the Akashics is that, most of the time, you will experience what is most relevant to you in that moment in time.  When we experience this in our normal lives we think of it as synchronicity or forces at work that are looking out for us and what we receive or experience is usually acting on us on one or two levels, mental and emotional, emotional and general well being, that kind of thing. …Details

Unintended Consequences

Something we learn about as we mature is that, even with the best of intentions, some actions have unintended consequences.  Some things affect people in dramatic ways even though that’s what we were trying to avoid or that’s the last thing we would do, etc, etc, etc. …Details

Explain Yourself

One of the biggest blocks to setting boundaries with people is that we don’t want to get into a discussion about “Why?”  Many times the whole point of the boundary is to limit certain interactions, but setting the boundary provokes the interaction we don’t want to have. …Details


In the spiritual community there is a lot of focus on going within.  Go into your depths to find yourself.  Go into the dark to discover who you are.  Go inwards to find the truth.  And I’m all for it.  My family and friends will tell you I have no fear of going inwards, looking in the depths, getting my hands dirty and digging deep to find the richness of life. …Details

Weighing the Responsibilities

Lots of people feel that they are chained to their responsibilities.  They can’t do this because of work.  They can’t do that because of their family.  They can’t do the other because of their pets needs.  They put so much of themselves into their responsibilities and then feel depleted and frustrated and bleak because they can’t do anything else.  …Details

A New Bottom Line

When we think about setting a new bottom line we think about it in context of having a ‘discussion’ with someone.  We are “drawing a line in the sand”, “taking a stand”, or clarifying our boundaries, perhaps for the first time. …Details

I’m a Leaf On the Wind

Too much of anything is usually a bad thing and everything can be taken out of context and therefore make a hash of things.  Being overly flexible can be a liability.  It can leave you twisted into shapes you aren’t meant to be in or make you into a doormat for others instead of leading your own life.…Details