Your own jailer

Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed something interesting.  Kind of like having a friend that is pregnant and then noticing pregnant women everywhere.  You know they were there before, you just weren’t tuned in.  What I’ve been noticing lately is people limiting their success. …Details

Value your time

You are a valuable resource.  You have a lot to give to the world in general and those you love in particular.  Which should include yourself, btw.  So what you do with your time each day matters.  Not to be big brother about it, but it’s something to think about.…Details

Good boundaries

Was talking with a friend of mine and after a while I realized that we kept coming back to the same theme over an over again.  Good Boundaries.   And then we’d give a deep soulful sigh.  Do you think that’s a sign that we’ve finally learned something?…Details

Akashic Soul Book

People who are seeking answers through spiritual means are most likely to be familiar with psychic readings, tarot readings, or astrology.  Many times they go to a reader and have no specific question in mind and just want to be told “what it wants to tell me”. …Details

Akashic Inspiration

Spending so much time working in the Akashics I sometimes lose sight of how beautiful it is and how it can make you pause in wonder.  I get fairly narrow focused on what I’m doing and when you become familiar with something you tend to block out the details as just part of the background. …Details