Unpack Christmas

I’d say decorate for Christmas, but really people keep so many things packed away and only bring them out for the holidays.  Favorite decorations, special recipes, entertainment rituals, and family gripes, issues and all around sniping. What I find interesting and sometimes amusing is that totally rational, fully function, full-grown adults who get along, most of the time, throughout the year, can go bonkers and revert to childhood in an instant when faced with Christmas. … Details

Grace or Good Works

For centuries people have debated which is more important and more efficacious:  grace from a higher power or doing good works.  The issues are complicated and philosophers and theologians have built whole careers around trying to argue the pros and cons so I won’t try to solve the conundrum in one post. … Details

Tis the season for family

Good, bad, indifferent or ugly, ’tis the season where we deal with family.  Issues, behaviors, expectations, quirks and just being with each other.  Now’s the time.  Questions abound like how to be together, when to be together, do we have to be together and the answers and how we get there are a psychological road map to who we are.… Details

Singing Bowls

There are a lot of musical instruments out there and a lot of ways to make music or sound.  I love music in a great variety of forms as my Ipod will attest.  Music stirs our emotions, sets moods, helps us through hectic days, moves our bodies and soothes our souls. … Details

Free Will

The biggest boundary violation of all, taking away someone’s free will.  Most people think of this in the most dramatic or idealistic of examples such as imprisonment like Guantanamo or prison.  But taking away free will happens every day in the most mundane situations. … Details

Mercury in Retrograde

It’s happening again and since I spent four hours yesterday doing something with my computer that should have taken 30 minutes, I thought this would be a good time to talk about it.  But I’m not  an expert on the subject so here’s an excellent description of what’s going on from CafeAstrology.com:… Details


We have such a craving for super powers or ESP or anything paranormal.  There are lots of science fiction movies and tv shows out there and shows that claim to be ‘reality’ about these things.  I personally enjoyed “Men Who Stare At Goats”. … Details