It’s the little stuff

You know, it’s the big catastrophic stuff we worry about, but it’s the little stuff that snows us under like death from a thousand cuts.  I don’t stay awake at night worrying about Occupy WallStreet and all the hundreds of Occupy groups that are out there, or the threat of Nuclear disaster, or the threat of the 1% making life unbearable. … Details


The holidays are full of them.  Halloween with costumes, and decorations, haunted houses, pumpkin carving, corn mazes, and trick-or-treat.  Thanksgiving with family gathering, traditional food items, and traditional bickering over football vs shopping, or football while shopping, or shopping while football. … Details


Our perceptions are influenced by the input to our senses, including the reactions and opinions of others.  Marketing is based on this, trying to repeat their message often enough that you come to accept their message as reality or part of the way in which you perceive the world. … Details


A sense of humor is so very necessary during the holidays.  If we can’t laugh at the absurdity of it all, we’ll be crushed by the insanity.  That’s why I love David Sedaris.  Ironic, sarcastic, and yet so very, very funny because it’s outrageous and at the same time it’s all true.… Details


Many of us feel that we are seeking that ‘special someone’.  That person who will love us perfectly and unconditionally.  The person who will make everything make sense and change our feelings of loneliness to partnership.  And yet the people we bring into our lives are most definitely NOT that. … Details

Light in the Darkness

We are heading into the darkest days of the year.  When everything outside is bedding down for the winter, the sun shines only a few hours a day, and we spend our evenings artificially lit.  Amongst all the traveling and logistics and decorating and merchandising, this is actually the time for going inwards, for slowing down and taking stock. … Details

Unpack Christmas

I’d say decorate for Christmas, but really people keep so many things packed away and only bring them out for the holidays.  Favorite decorations, special recipes, entertainment rituals, and family gripes, issues and all around sniping. What I find interesting and sometimes amusing is that totally rational, fully function, full-grown adults who get along, most of the time, throughout the year, can go bonkers and revert to childhood in an instant when faced with Christmas. … Details

Grace or Good Works

For centuries people have debated which is more important and more efficacious:  grace from a higher power or doing good works.  The issues are complicated and philosophers and theologians have built whole careers around trying to argue the pros and cons so I won’t try to solve the conundrum in one post. … Details