EponaIn thinking about this year of the Horse, I tend to think about the spiritual beings associated with horses.  Epona is an ancient Celtic goddess originally from the region of Germany.  She symbolizes and embodies the interconnectivity/trust/love/family of the herd.  She was most often depicted with mares and foals and is thought to have been their patron saint, so to speak. … Details

Passion Vs. Logic

This is the year of the Horse.  Specifically the year of the Wood Horse – of green and growing things, of earth energies and grounded realities. But it’s still Horse.  And Horses are about passion.  About feelings and reactions vs. logic and deeply thought out plans. … Details

Lighting The New Year

candleWinter Solstice brought the change in the season.  While it is Winter, it is also now the time when the light comes again.  The days becoming longer each time and there is  less darkness.  As we look at the new year and dream of what can be, we should also let our own light illuminate the path ahead of us. … Details

Christmas Eve

Please be safe if you’re traveling.  Be careful about weather conditions, make sure you’re paying attention to the road instead of what you need to do or forgot to do, and that the children are only suitably bored and restless because if given enough reason they could plot something that might make traveling less-safe for all.… Details