Want Vs. Need

We often think about the things we need like brussel sprouts or spinach.  They are good for us, some people like them, most people eat them because they have to in order to get to the other stuff on the plate or to get to dessert. … Details

Active Inactivity

Writers and artists have struggled with this issue for centuries.  It looks like we’re daydreaming, goofing off, slacking, doing absolutely nothing, but that is not the case.  Often there is massive work going on inside.  Inspiration and “aha” moments, creativity and problem solving, are going on inside. … Details

Co-Creation Timeframes

There is a difference between “It’s not time yet” and spiritual timing and mostly it’s in perspective.  “It’s not time yet” is usually a sentiment that implies the person is waiting to receive something: an opportunity, an object, a relationship, a sign. … Details

Getting Grounded

This year, more so than ever, it’s important to get and stay grounded.  Horse is already stirring everything up, manifesting things willy nilly, setting everything in motion all and once and rolling in it.  Part of the challenge of working with Horse is to stay grounded and calm and centered while all this frolicking is going on. … Details

What’s Blocking You?

Lots of people want to know what’s blocking them from being their best selves or keeping them from the thing they want, their best life, whatever.   The answer to this can go a couple of ways: a)  They already know what the issue is and so this is just validation. … Details

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Most people hope for good things to come and look forward to enjoying them as they occur.  Kind of like pearls on a string, the good things are expected to come one at a time because we kinda set ourselves up to think that at best life is ‘meh’ with some good in it and sometimes worse than that. … Details

Putting On the Elemental Glasses

Karen Abler Carrasco gives an amazing overview not only of this year of the Horse but of the Chinese yearly cycles and the elements that inform them.  Ever wondered why last year was Black/Water Snake vs. any other kind?  Want to know what makes Wood Horse so much more potent and the ride just that much more wild? … Details