Do you really want to know?

People seek answers to their questions in the Akashics, which is a good thing. The Akashics has a great deal of wisdom to share.  Many times people have questions not because they don’t know the answer, but because they need verification, validation, support and acknowledgement to act on what they know. …Details

Soul Book Roadmap

Every soul book has a section at the end that I call the roadmap.  It’s all the possibilities, the if/then’s of a life mapped out as actions (lines) and choices or options (boxes).  I explain it as looking like an amazingly complex March Madness game schedule because it shows everything from birth to projected end of life and is constantly updating and changing even while I look. …Details

Akasha Think and Ervin Laszlo

I enjoy reading Ervin Laszlo, at least the books he’s written for the general public.  As a theoretical physicist working on the ToE (Theory of Everything) and a systems philosopher the details he works with go waaaayyy over my head.  However, what he’s working on, or to be more accurate, the results of his studies and that of dozens of other scientists from most other scientific disciplines is fascinating to me. …Details

Spend It All

This was written by a writer about writing, but I think it applies to all endeavors and life in general.   It’s something I try to live by everyday. “One of the few things I know about writing is this: spend it all, shoot it, play it, lose it, all, right away, every time. …Details

Holistic Healing through the Akashics

Beyond their surprise at the ease with which my students are able to access the Akashics in a meaningful and direct way, they are almost always surprised by the way they experience it because it’s never what they expect.  Most people on first working their consciously, myself included, tend to expect that it’s somewhat like going to a party at a friend’s house where you’ve never been to their house before. …Details

What Does That Mean?

Whether you are currently living a spiritually based life or not, everyone has experienced a moment when all the elements just come together, when a circumstance becomes a synchronicity, when some connection is made that is “too good to be true”, and then is done as abruptly as it started. …Details

Old Habits

Habits aren’t just something that we do, they are small bits of our identity.  They are part of the framework we have built our lives on and therefore not easy to change.  Life is a full body experience exploding with sensory input in every second, so much so that we need to shut off input for hours at a time not only to let our bodies recuperate, but to let our minds process everything we have felt and learned so that we can become. …Details

The Examined Life

I was on the phone (long ago in the landline days) with someone having an intense conversation. I don’t remember what it was about at this point just to show how amazingly relevant it was. However, in the middle of the conversation the line went dead.…Details