Restrictive Boundaries

I highly recommend and support having healthy boundaries. They proactively show people how to treat us so interactions are positive, help protect us when actions or choices are abusive, and foster trust within ourselves¬† and with others so we can unfold ourselves fully and participate with the world.…Details

Mistaking Transformative Moments

There are times when we want the world to slow down so we can get off, times when we just wish it would pull over for a moment because something has obviously come loose and we need to make a crucial adjustment, and others where we are waiting for the right moment to jump in and get things done so time seems to stretch like taffy into infinity.…Details

The Journey Within

My newest video meditation is now available. The journey within is a means for us to reunite our embodied soul with our higher self and bring that wisdom into this life so our minds can ground it and work with it, weaving it into our physical experience.¬†…Details

Reward the Increments

One of the cruelest things about Christmas Day is we have built up months of excitement which is rewarded with a brief instant. Even the best explosion of presents often leaves people disappointed, not because they didn’t get what they wanted, but because the reward isn’t equal to the effort or the expectation.…Details

Shaking Off the Debris

Some years come in like sun after a rainstorm, shining a new light on things, making everything seem shiny, clean and full of promise. Some years don’t seem to come in at all. They just slink into being while continuing everything that went before in an unbroken trudge.…Details