Shaking Off the Debris

Some years come in like sun after a rainstorm, shining a new light on things, making everything seem shiny, clean and full of promise. Some years don’t seem to come in at all. They just slink into being while continuing everything that went before in an unbroken trudge.… Details

2017 – Year of the Rooster

It’s tempting, especially this year, to shake off everything that happened in the year which is ending and look forward with high hopes and idealistic expectations to the year ahead. If we do this in a celebratory way, as a means of breaking up old energy, evaluating and celebrating what has been through roasting it soundly in jest and satire while inviting in the new, then good.… Details

Follow Through

It’s New Year’s Eve and it’s traditional to make resolutions for the year ahead. We try to figure out what happened over the past year, what the take aways are, what we could have done better, should have done, were successful at, and have to work with in the next year.… Details