Essentials Are Not Self Care

It’s funny to me how skilled people can be at ignoring the obvious. Their lives can be in ruins all around them, their marriage functional only in name, career no longer anything but an exercise in futility and repeated self-abuse, personal life long ago sacrificed to perceived needs and defunct goals and yet they turn a bright smile on and say that they try to be grateful every day for what they have. … Details

Cleaning Up Messes

please clean up your messPretty much everyone, sometime in their life, has negotiated with Spirit in whatever manifestation they are connected with.  You know they “If you get me out of this I’ll do ______.”  We’re not actually pledging that, in fact rarely do we have any intention of doing it, but we’re trying to get attention of someone more powerful than us that can take a bad situation and get us out of it.… Details


Have you ever noticed that Forgiveness is something that gets talked about in Hallmark card terminology?  It’s almost always something we should have or should practice, comes with graphics of flowers or butterflies, and promises to be the answer to issues where harm has been done. … Details

We Are Made of Fire

FireplaceMany spiritual seekers are looking for that transformative experience. They want to find the practice that will unlock their talents, throw a spotlight on their path, show them the way to be who they truly are in the world. Instead of feeling worn out, cold, exhausted, constantly in movement, they want to find that still place where everything makes sense, where the world supports them and is good rather than something to struggle against.… Details

Passion Vs. Joy

Laughing BuddhaAll this striving to find our passions seems to have developed into a weird amalgam of soul mate and auction fever.  Our passion is come to represent “the one”.  It is the one thing that will define our lives, give us meaning, provide us with joy, make everything that has gone before it make sense, bring us ever flowing abundance, show us our soul’s path, and if we’re really lucky it will give us a 20 year old body, Mensa intelligence, and a private island we can call our home away from home. … Details

Change Is Inevitable

hand gogglesWe came here to change. Usually we think of it in loftier terms such as becoming enlightened, growing, transcending, learning our lessons, even completing our karma so we can get off the wheel of Samsara.  Or we think of it as the inevitable loss of things due to age, illness, and our body’s expiration date. … Details

Happy Year of the Monkey

Fire Monkey 2016This year is going to be full of opportunities, synchronicities, possibilities, and dreams realized for everyone who welcomes creative change. Monkey years are times of new beginnings which happen quickly. Chances appear out of nowhere, fall into our lap, and kick us into high gear.… Details

Graceful Endings

keep-calm-and-follow-through-8Two things have stuck in my mind in a good way. They really help me to figure out what to do next or where I’m going wrong.  One is “Follow through.” Whether it’s a golf swing, bowling toss, tennis volley, or stroke in swimming, you only get the full benefit if you follow through.… Details