Holiday Choices

Peanuts ThanksgivingAt various times in my life I have had the opportunity to create holidays from scratch.  Not invent holidays, but create the holiday experience from the ground up.  In college I couldn’t afford to fly home for Thanksgiving so I caught up with some of my fellow students and we would create Thanksgiving for ourselves. …Details

Looks Good On Paper

Ever had an exchange with someone over email or text where you completely misunderstood what was meant? What is on paper loses something in translation and emoji and emoticons can’t quite make up for the emotional content which makes the intent and possibly the whole meaning mysterious and up to interpretation.…Details

Trauma and Empathy

It’s part of our hard wiring to feel empathy for others pain. Mirror neurons fire within us when we see someone else do or feel something.  It’s why laughter is infectious, why we get the shivers when we see someone else get a scalp massage, get hungry when we’re watching others eat food, etc.…Details

To Those Who Have Lost

My thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones in Paris today. Their shock, grief and loss is not a political statement, although it will be used in that way.  Their lives are not the raw material of symbols although they will be co-opted for that purpose.…Details