The Test of Time

There is a cachet placed on traditions which stand the test of time. Being linear beings who live relatively brief lives, we have a reverence for things which outlast us. This includes holiday traditions. They connect us to our past, to loved ones near and far, to the generations who have gone before us, to our community, and our culture. … Details

Happy or Coping?

SciFi NativitywIt can seem like New Year’s is not so much a celebration of the new year, but a victory lap.  “Yay!!! We made it through another grueling Holiday season!” We talk about the new year and making resolutions, but in reality we are simply in shock and trying to recover from what we work so hard to convince ourselves was a series of enjoyable experiences.… Details


Somewhere along the way our notion of balance becomes about stillness.  That balance is about perfect measures bringing everything to a point where nothing moves. It’s the essence of perfection, to be perfectly balanced in a stillness that proves everything is exactly equal, measured, compared, in exacting relationship to each other.… Details