We a taught in school and even preschool that creating is a definable thing we do.  It’s a moment in time where we create a something like a picture or a clay animal or an ashtray or a popsicle person.  And then we go on to do something else. … Details

Body & Spirit

When talking about living a spiritual life and walking a medicine path, I’m reminded that it’s not necessarily a gradual thing.  Some people can transition their lives gently over time and look back wondering how they got from point A to point Z, but others get confronted with aspects of it as if someone had taken a spoon and stirred up their entire life and everything is now whirling around them uncontrollably.  … Details

Akashic Focus

I see a dichotomy in how people who work with the Akashics perceive that experience.  Some see it as a means to get answers to questions they have about themselves in this life.  Which, ironically, includes learning about their past lives. … Details

I want answers/I’m not listening

Gypsy Tarot Reader by DeuceOhNegativeSome people go to readers (tarot/astrology/mediums/Akashic/numerologists….) with an open mind just wondering what they will hear.  Or they go seeking to know what is most important to know at that particular moment rather than selecting a subject to focus on.  Then there are others that have a question, but are interested to hear what might come as the answer. … Details

Souls at Home

I’ve talked about soul groups before and you can see a general description of them here:  Soul Groups. Soul groups are a part of each reading I do for my clients because I invite any soul group members that are home at the time of the reading to come and listen in.… Details