Christmas Eve

I hope that everyone travels safely, arrives at their destination with fanfare and rejoicing, is able to spend time with the ones they love, (yes that includes pets) and spends the evening doing something that brings them happiness and spreads joy into the world. …Details

Peace of Mind at the Holidays

There are, to my mind, three kinds of Holiday celebrations: C-stressful, with weeks of angst and harried preparation, lots of forgotten things or things that just didn’t work out, blunders, regrets and not much time for celebration, B – family bustle that takes a bunch of effort but is worth it to have all the family together in one place for the memories and the blackmail material, and A – those holiday seasons where everything gets done by December 22 and everyone can relax, do things at a normal pace, and just enjoy each other fully, being present in each moment and a present to each other.…Details

Ebodiment as Fall From Grace?

Instead of forming structure and culture from the perspective of humanity’s fallen nature doomed to an embodied life, perhaps the structure could be formed around humanity being spiritual beings that live in harmony with the All That Is.  And that life would consist of far more than the embodied life experienced on earth. …Details

Cartoons at Christmas

Not having children of my own, I find that Christmas for me can take on a more adult activities than some.  Like the years that I spent Christmas with friends (also without children) and we started with breakfast and Mimosas and ended with dinner and Mimosas, eating our way through the day, sipping and being silly and watching Christmas cartoons and specials and whatever else struck our fancy.…Details

We are Sacred

In the end, all historical evidence to the contrary, we are just as sacred as the sacred spaces we have explored.  This is the secret to consecration, not some mystical power, some Lemurian key, or left over alien DNA.  We are sacred and within us resides sacred space. …Details

You Just Never Know

Being embodied is a challenge each day to stay fully present even when things may be painful or even overly joyful. One amazing aspect of being embodied, of having forgotten who we are, is forgetting that everything is connected.  We focus so much on ourselves and getting through our day that we don’t realize the impact that our choices make or the fact that we choose, in a split second, to allow something to impact us instead of shrugging it off. …Details