2013 – Entering The Unknown

Many cultures see snake symbology as fire, the element that succinctly changes something from one form into another.  It changes complex, multifunctional, crafted items into base components in moments, alters the sense of separateness into one of forced unity through deconstruction, and threatens our sense of control and what we know to be unalterable truths in a heartbeat. …Details

2013 – Year of the Water Snake

Congratulations on surviving the Mayan Apocalypse and arriving in 2013!  You have an entire new year ahead of you.  Yay!  So here’s some things to know about this year so you can plan ahead. Last year’s work with Dragon has shaken things up, spit you out into new places, broken you out of old patterns and left you wondering what happened. …Details

Culling What you Done Did

Ok, so looking back at 2012 can be a vision of woe seeing only what didn’t get done, what shouldn’t have been done, and all the failures that occurred or it can be a great way to check off the list of all the things you’ve achieved and a way to build the platform for more achievements in 2013. …Details

Reviewing your 2012

It’s something we all do and I’m not sure why, but there you are.  We look back at the year that is ending, get out our favorite bludgeoning tool and start beating ourselves up for everything we didn’t get done, everything we should have done, everything we think we did wrong and everything we could have done right if only…. …Details

Set Up the New Year

This year, let’s do something a little bit different.  Instead of proclaiming New Year’s resolutions that are so lofty they can’t be reached and setting ourselves up for failure, let’s set up the New Year right.  Let’s change the paradigm we’re using to think about 2013. …Details

Christmas Eve

I hope that everyone travels safely, arrives at their destination with fanfare and rejoicing, is able to spend time with the ones they love, (yes that includes pets) and spends the evening doing something that brings them happiness and spreads joy into the world. …Details