I Was Super Famous

…don’t you want to know about my past lives where I was a super famous person?  Um….nope.   Not because it’s not cool or interesting. It usually is to a certain extent.  There are books out there by people and about people who have been famous or influential in past lives. …Details

Technical Difficulties

People bang their heads against obstacles all the time.  I have students and clients that have struggled with things like meditation, reading their own Akashic record, or journeying and they have tried “absolutely EVERYTHING!”  Sometimes they have worked on this for 20+ years to no avail.…Details

Flavors of Ice Cream

I love it when I look in someone’s soul book and see that they have an array of potential partner contracts to work with and not just one.  Everyone wants that magical prince(ss) to come and sweep them off their feet, provide for all their needs emotional and otherwise, and with which they will live happily ever after. …Details

Toddler Fiction

People do loooooove their opposites and absolutes.  Either things will go well or I’ll fall into abject poverty.  I’ll either win the lottery or be forced to slave at a low wage job forever. I’ll either find the woman of my dreams or I’ll have to settle for whoever comes along, because being lonely is the worst thing that can ever happen to me.…Details

No – You Have To Change

Well, you don’t.  It’s kinda this weird cause and effect thing.  If you don’t want things to change, then you don’t have to change at all.  Oh, but you do?  Then you have to change.  But there’s nothing wrong with you, you’ve done it all right and it’s everything else that’s garbage? …Details

Body Wisdom

Melody Beattie The New Codependency “Our body has knowledge and wisdom. Listen to what it’s saying. Do we want to touch someone? Do we want them to touch us? Do we move away from someone, back off? Do we cringe when someone touches our arm?…Details

Work Vs. Play

Yes, work is a four letter word.  Yes, being on your path means that work doesn’t feel like work because you enjoy what you do.  Yes, it should make you want to get up in the morning rather than make you want to hit the snooze button and hid under the covers. …Details