It’s All About Choices

Life is not predestined.  It’ s not all about Fate. Sorry for those romantics who want to see that person across the room and just “know” that they are the one and live “happily ever after”.   That would be great of we were children needing to be taken care of and still believed in arranged marriages controlled by loving and all-knowing parents. … Details

The Akashic Library

The Akashic Library is a repository for information on all life. Anyone can access it and we all do on a regular basis. Once or twice a week during our sleep we reconnect with the part of us that has remained in Spirit and we the meeting place is in the Akashics.… Details

Innate Talent

Teachers and family are constantly trying to point out to us that we’re good at ‘something’.  It’s supposed to be self-esteem building.  But past the age of about 6, we can recognize what society values and what it doesn’t and so telling us that being the best at badminton racket cleaning is less than a ringing endorsement.… Details

Love notes from yourself

Souls are eternal.  Yup, there’s more after this life.  I’ll let you think on that for a moment…. Ok, so before you were here in a body living this life you made conscious choices about the life you wanted to live, the challenges and the joys you wanted to experience, and the goals you wanted to achieve. … Details

Book of your Soul

The Akashic record is a place where records of every kind are stored including the records of who you are, who you have been, and the plans you made for who you would become.  The record for you is called your Book or the Book of your Soul. … Details

How to find yourself

So, you do know that you are right there all the time, right?  Just checking.  All humor aside, although it can get drowned out in all the daily ‘doing’ that we go through and all the constant chatter from everywhere.  In fact a huge portion of our lives seems to be sorting through the trivial and the non-sensical just to get through the day. … Details


Being a father is no easy task and in my lifetime the media seems to be full of stories where fathers either don’t exist, are ‘deadbeats’, abusive, absentee, or derided as stay-at-home.  There doesn’t seem to be anything good to say about Fathers unless you’re talking to someone about ‘family values’ and then you’re not talking about a real father, but about ideals which exist only in the mind.… Details

Your life is a work of art

Everything you do each day paints a picture of you for you to view.  Others can see you as well.  Like looking at one section of a great painting they may only see the background or a bird’s wing or the side of the building they may not understand completely but still they see it. … Details