It’s hard to ask for help

It’s hard to ask for help. We’d rather do things ourselves because it’s easier, even if it isn’t better. Asking for help opens us up for criticism. It opens us up to “why?”, to other’s opinions. And when you need help you can feel vulnerable and the last thing you want to do is defend yourself from opinions or ‘why’ questions.…Details

Sometimes it’s just nice to feel loved

Everyone searches for that combination of people and circumstances and things which will bring back that feeling of unconditional love. Some of us experience it as children if we have loving families, but as we mature we learn that families are people too and while we may be loved unconditionally, that love still comes from human beings living human lives.…Details

You are more than you realize already

The human body is a finite structure that is perfect for dealing with life here as we know it.  Ok, so I hear you pointing out acne, backfat, allergies, and pinkeye among other things to prove me wrong, however I would like to think that bipedal motion, opposable thumbs, and the human brain are pretty amazing and get us through an average day with as much opportunity for joy as misery.…Details

Do you have a purpose?

Countless conversations either start or end with “What’s the point of all this?”  It’s a question that human beings have been asking for centuries.  I think that all too often Western society thinks there should be a simple, single quantifiable answer to that, a magic wand or a pill that will make it all make sense. …Details