Do You Really?

It’s not something I say out loud, but I have the thought often.  Do you really want what you are talking about?  Hours and hours, day after day of talking about a situation, griping about the futility of it, pointing out the resolution, knowing that things would be better if….and… Details

Spiritual Village

“It takes a village….”  Well, yes it does.  For a soul to become embodied and live a life in the physical takes a village and then some.  It is not automatic for a soul to enter into a body.  And it’s not something we do easily nor are any of us automatically proficient at it. … Details

The Exceptions To The Rules

marriedtoachef.comThere are exceptions to every rule.  In fact, there is common wisdom that says exceptions prove the rule.  And I agree with that to a great extent.  Rules govern categories of things.  If the rule is inclusive of everything, meaning you can use the words ‘all’, ‘never’, and ‘always’, then the rule is a load of bull….because… Details

Me and Not Me

There are really two reasons why people work with the Akashics.  One is to learn about ‘me’, either themselves or someone else, the other is to learn about ‘not me’ which really means anything else in the world other than a specific person.… Details

1 step, 2 step

There are things about the Akashics and about ourselves that we only learn from long association and examination.  One of those things is that there is a limit to how many answers you get even if there’s no limit to the questions you feel the need to ask. … Details

Challenge Yourself

Working with the Akashics brings home to me, over and over again, what spiritual figures, religions, and indigenous cultures around the globe have been telling us for millenia:  It’s all connected.  We are all integral parts of one community. So when I read this, I felt the truth of it in my soul: The Times newspaper had asked a number of authors to write on the topic: “What’s wrong with the world?” … Details

Akashic Stories

Teresa Wenzler DesignerAs someone who comes from an indigenous culture with a rich oral tradition, I know first hand the power of story in our lives.  I point this out to my clients.  In the end we are the stories we tell whether that is to others or to ourselves. … Details

It’s About How You Get There

Wishing it were so doesn’t mean you can stop working and go frolic in meadows for the rest of your life.  Bills still have to get paid and winning the lottery may sound good, but you than have to ‘manage’ all that money which means tax advisors, money managers, and those pesky sudo friends and long lost relatives that all want a to be your best friend. … Details

It’s Not Just About Knowing

It’s not enough to know what the plan is.  You still have to take action.  It’s not enough to read your soul book in the Akashics and know who you are and what you chose to do this time around.  Knowing that won’t create a magic faery wand that blesses you with everything you need and hand you the accomplishment on a platter. … Details