Have to, Need to, Get to

Something I figured out about myself a while ago is the categories I put things into in my head when I’m thinking about everything that could/should/would happen in that day.  Being a Capricorn I’m a list maker and so either the night before or in the morning I’m making to-do list. …Details

Fear as a teacher

There is so much out there right now about ignoring your fears, releasing them, powering through them, not letting them hold you back, etc, etc.  But what about actually listening to them?  Fear is a warning sign that something is going on that you need to attend to. …Details

Talk It Out

I enjoy working with clients (and friends and family for that matter) on the issues that are really troubling them.  Not that I have a magic wand that can fix things or that I’m some all powerful being that has all the answers. …Details

When Is Later Now?

I bumped into some friends of mine at the pub the other day and had an unexpected and delightful conversation with them for a couple of hours.  We just sat and got caught up with each other, but the fun part is that this past year has been amazing for all of us in that we’ve radically changed our lives. …Details

Just Say No to Perfectionism

We don’t usually judge our friends or acquaintances or peers because they need help with something or don’t know something or aren’t perfect at doing something.  At least not the first hundred times.  🙂  After 100 we tend to get judgmental but I think it might be warranted in some cases. …Details

Liking the Truth

I’ve been thinking about mirrors.  Mirrors as metaphor, people as mirrors, mirrors as the enemy of all women, mirrors as an indicator that our vision is incredibly skewed, etc, etc.  I use the concept of mirrors in working with my clients that are overly sensitive to the perspectives, opinions, and actions of others. …Details