Shock Still

Finding out that someone you know has died creates a liminal moment.  Whether that person died after a long illness or through a sudden event like a car accident just the fact that they are no longer alive stops time.  It shocks us out of the metal, emotional, and physical routines we live by, jumps us out of our comfortable box, and thrusts us into a moment of now. …Details

Channeling the Akashics

I’m still confused by what people mean by that.  Or by the vague, “I got this information in the Akashics.”  Well, from whom?  From where in the Akashics?  The Akashics is not a who, but a place, and it doesn’t spit out random bits of information to people who drop into a meditative state. …Details

Whole Heart or Half Ass

threedonia.comThere is truth in the reality that taking that first step towards achieving something you’ve always wanted is better than not taking that step.  Exercise mavens chant this mantra all the time.  ‘Just move’, ‘get off the couch’, ‘any effort is a good start’…. …Details

Strip It All Down

We build our identities through our experiences and the meaning we make from them.  And we assume…we decide….that the meaning we have made out of those experiences are like gravity.  They are the absolute truth and can be depended on in every case. …Details

What’s Best to Do

I’m commonly asked what a client’s life plan is or what they should do next.  They want to know what the next step is, what their spiritual goals are, to see everything laid out ahead of them.  And that would be comforting, in a way, because it takes the weight of responsibility off of us and takes away the uncomfortableness of the unknown. …Details

Contracts are Fluid

ContractIn physical life contracts are structured, formal ties between people or entities.  They are that way because we humans are full of free will, limited in our ability to see far into the cause and effect future that will come from our decisions now, and fluid in our decision making process so our minds change constantly. …Details


We a taught in school and even preschool that creating is a definable thing we do.  It’s a moment in time where we create a something like a picture or a clay animal or an ashtray or a popsicle person.  And then we go on to do something else. …Details