Time To Go Deeper

There are a lot of practitioners out there who work with a technique or a practice and have been doing so for years.  Soul healers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, aura readers, tarot readers, you name it, there are people out there practicing it. … Details

Where Else Can I Go?

There is so much focus on the Akashic Library and on Akashic records that people usually have no idea that there are other places in the Akashics to explore.  Most people who even know that the Akashics exist are looking for answers about themselves, about situations, about things that they want. … Details

Can You Depend On You?

There are times when we wonder who we can depend on in a given situation.  If we need a certain someone to do a certain something, can we depend on them to do it?  Even if they say they will?  If we go through the hoops that a company or organization says we need to, will they follow through and do what they have agreed to do or what they say they will in their PR? … Details

Spirit Body Congruence

When I give a reading for a new client I begin by looking at their physicality. This sometimes surprises clients and I have found that there are a couple of reasons for this.  One is that the soft and hard sciences have worked very hard to see the body as a machine with various parts and functions which interact but are independent of each other and so can malfunction and be treated or replaced.… Details

Why Past Lives?

Why would we choose to live embodied lives full of struggle and pain and failure and mistakes and inevitable death?  Why would we choose to come be in bodies and lifetimes full of sorry and regret?  Why keep ourselves on a continuous wheel full of negative experiences and punishment? … Details

Past Life Roles We Live

I find it interesting to look at past lives to see how the individual soul works with the roles of male and female.  Mostly I’m looking at the past few millenia as there are so many lives in any one soul book that there’s no real reason to go back that far unless there is something specific to the person’s current life or to a question they are posing.… Details

Past Life Remains

People remember living lives before this one.  Whether they are fabricating those memories, conflating stories they heard in childhood with memory, or if these are actually memories, the fact is that they are happening.  The way in which they do so fall into two general categories:  spontaneously as part of childhood development or as a retrieved memory in adulthood. … Details