Do you have a purpose?

Countless conversations either start or end with “What’s the point of all this?”  It’s a question that human beings have been asking for centuries.  I think that all too often Western society thinks there should be a simple, single quantifiable answer to that, a magic wand or a pill that will make it all make sense. … Details

The Akashics and Addiction

It has come to be commonly agreed that some people have “addictive personalities” which means that doctors and specialists in Western culture cannot find a cause/effect reason for a person to be addicted to a substance or activity. So basically there is no reason for you to smoke or drink heavily or eat too much, it’s just the way you are.… Details

Past Lives

Your Soul book in the Akashics keeps a record of every incarnation  you have experienced and all the lessons, positive and discouraging, that you have learned or that you have not yet fully completed.  While ego boosting is is highly unlikely that you were Cleopatra or Caesar, Attila the Hun, or Alexander the Great. … Details

Akashics and Relationships

Many of us feel that we are seeking that ‘special someone’.  That person who will love us perfectly and unconditionally.  The person who will make everything make sense and change our feelings of loneliness to partnership.  And yet the people we bring into our lives are most definately NOT that. … Details

Akashics – the Library of the Universe

“Akashic in Sanskrit means “space,” and Indian philosophy uses this term to describe a space representing a universal filing system that records every thought, word, and action in our lifetime. While people in trance may be influenced by a conscious memory of this well-known karmic term, more often than not in hypnosis, …subjects recalling spiritual libraries thing of these records as their life books, diaries, or as representing a kind of celestial television set for their utilization.”… Details

The Akashics and Family issues

Families hand down a lot of things to us, not just how we look, but behaviors and attitudes, addictions and passions. If you struggle to understand why you don’t get along with your Mother, why your brother seems so amazingly ‘off’ from everyone else in your family, why your father has always been ‘eccentric’ or why you seem to be so much like Aunt Fran, your Soul book in the Akashics and your guides can give you insights that will help you see the bigger picture.… Details