Facets and Definitions

I always find it interesting when someone tells me, “I’ve never seen that side of you before”.  Or they say “My life is just such a bunch of contradictions”.  Our minds what to analyze and organize what it perceives into a system that makes sense so it can manage the chaos of all the input it receives. …Details


A trigger is something that just makes you absolutely crazy every time it appears or occurs.  It’s not due to something happening in the moment, but something that has happened before and that hasn’t been resolved.  Like an absolute gag reflex to even a mention of peppermint schnapps because you got drunk and threw up after a night of Fuzzy Navels or outrage at a particular Geocacher because they always manage to get the ‘first to find’ for any new geo-cache in your area. …Details

Don’t drive angry

“Don’t drive angry” is a phrase I keep on stand by not for use with road rage, because at this point it’s not something that can be avoided, it’s just something to be dealt with, like taxes.  What I mean by that is stop and calm down for a minute. …Details

Do something completely different

Having done it often in my life I tend to forget how many people don’t.  Which is I guess a way to keep my life full of surprises.  What do yo mean you haven’t gone on sabbatical/taken a pilgrimage/done a retreat/hiked in the wilderness/lived in silence for a week/volunteered for more than one day/traveled to a different country? …Details

Seeing what we want to see

Once again I’ve been confronted by people who appear to be looking for an answer, but just see what they want to see.  It’s frustrating because you just want to tell them “Stop hitting yourself!  Stop hitting yourself!”.  It’s like they walk into a store expecting to find nothing colored blue. …Details