What do you do?

Sometimes being there and listening is enough.  When someone has been abused and they are recovering and healing, being the person who validates their experience by listening is enough.  In fact it’s golden.  Being there when the good things happen and sharing in the love and the joy is a gift and something we should take seriously too. … Details

What get’s you excited?

So it’s the new year. What get’s you excited about all this vast expanse of possibility laid out before you?  What makes you want to get up out of bed in the morning?  Do you drag your sorry behind up because you have to and wish you didn’t or are you jumping up to dance around with the knowledge that another day of pure joy and delight is ahead of you? … Details

The Akashic Library

Progress on my class for Daily Om progresses.  Here’s an excerpt from Lesson #5: The main focus of the Akashic Library is information and communication. You might think of it, not as a monolithic library full of texts, but as a living document or an ongoing conversation. … Details

New Year Resolutions

Ok, it’s 2012.  So are you making New Year resolutions or not?  I mean, if the world is ending next December, how does that change your perspective?  I say that a bit tongue in cheek because I don’ t think there will be a grand finale then and if there is I’ll admit I’m wrong, if I’m still around to care. … Details


It's exciting to think of all that is possible in a the new year that's coming. Tonight is about celebrating 
all that is yet to be and that can be with the optimism and hope that it will all be bright, beautiful, and 
better than this year has been.

Endings and Beginnings

So Christmas is over.  And now the Christmas hangover begins.  Leftovers, leftover relatives, returning gifts, wincing at the bank statement, putting away all the decorations, deciding if you’re taking down the Christmas lights or not, you know the drill.  And getting ready to watch the year change from 2011 to 2012. … Details

Christmas Eve

Today is such dichotomy. Either you are at your destination and so have shaken off all the cares and worries of the world and are settled in for enjoyment of the holiday or you are freaking out trying to get all the last-minute minutia done before you run out of time. … Details

This is just one moment

Ok, so your back hurts, your wrist hurts, you’re tired, you’re harried, you’re hectic, you’re frustrated…..you get the picture. Just remember, this is just one moment in time.  When it all feels like it’s crashing down on you and you are at your wit’s end, this is jut one moment in time. … Details