Just One More Day

You would think we had all run a marathon each day by the level of fatigue we’re exhibiting.  Sessions about the progression of Black Widow’s character from the 50’s comics through to Captain America’s Winter Soldier, the trope of the anti-hero in American TV and how dangerous it is outside of the Fantasy/Super Hero genre because people lose sight of the fact that those shows are just as contrived and constructed, the hope that the female hero would take root after Buffy and how little it has and, disturbingly, only with petite women given super powers of one kind or another, topped off with how leather pants = evil in the costuming tropes of TV shows.…Details

So, While I’m here…

This week I’m at the Slayage Conference and like any conference you have great conversations, experience chance encounters, and learn surprising tidbits.  Yesterday I was reminded how much Whedonites dislike…yeah…that’s a polite word for it…the Twilight series and pretty much everything about it. …Details

Claim Yourself

Life requires us to prioritize.  These things over here are more important, those are time critical, this is necessary to make sure we have the necessities for survival, that will keep the peace, and all of this other stuff will just need to wait until we can get to it. …Details


Yes, we should all be islands knowing what we know and being able to self-actuate.  Blah-de-blah-de-blah….  Oh wait.  Maybe not.  Because that would me we were islands or robots or something less blissfully messy and magically interconnected than humans.  Why share when we are self-contained units that have no needs and can do it all ourselves? …Details


We tend to think of things in the big picture, the large chunks, and ignore or negate the small things that make up the big picture.  Like the fact that it can take 10,000 hours to become a master of something. …Details

All That Matters

The debate over grace vs. good works is something that has intrigued me since I was a child.  It seemed to be an example of the dysfunction going on in my own home.  Lots of words being spoken about what should be and what is that didn’t match what was actually happening mixed with a dose of denial and a ration of rationalization. …Details

Akashic Ice Cubes

“The Ain (Akasha) is limitless and timeless so that all that issues forth from its bosom does so without in any way diminishing its substance.  Actually, in a sense there is nothing outside of this condition, even that which we see and recognise as the physical universe is so only because the Ain has chosen to extend a portion of itself into materiality.…Details

Listening But Not Hearing

It’s a common refrain in drama and comedy, one person is talking and the other is listening, but not actually hearing what is going on with dramatic or comedic results.  Shakespeare is full of this stuff which is one of the reasons that his plays are still loved and relevant today.…Details