It’s difficult to wait for what you want.  We’re taught that with enough money you can get anything you want right now.  No why pay attention to anything for any length of time?  And more is better, right?  Well all of that applies to commodities or things, but the world is not just commodities and things that you can buy. …Details


It’s always surprising to me that with all the physical limitations there are are in the world, geography, time, resources, that what hampers us most often is the limits we have in our own minds.  How often have you heard someone grip about not being able to do something or get something and when you try to help by offering them suggestions on how to do it, they say “Oh no, I can’t, because….”…Details


There is no way we can actually know the reasons why someone does something, unless they tell us.  And even then they may not be able to fully verbalize why they are doing something.  Usually we assume they are doing it because they want to for one reason or another. …Details

Eyes in the back of your head

I have a friend with an ever surprising way of looking at the world.  She’s a visual thinker and she sees everything in 3-d in a way most people don’t.  She doesn’t live in the past or really the future, she is all about the ‘now’ and how things work, how they interact, and how people interact with everything. …Details

Rough night?

You know, it’s been a long time since I had a truly late night.  Mostly that happens when I have to travel.  Have to be there at a certain time, need to get back so I arrive late at night and slog home, happy to flop into bed exhausted. …Details

Going it alone

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I have friends that have long-term relationships and they are enamored of the single life where they could do anything they want at any time.  Even though they are happy in relationships they want more freedom. …Details

Happy Halloween

Samhain or Halloween is considered the day when the barrier between the natural and the supernatural is thinnest.  On this day I enjoy the revelry, the creativity, the community as people dress up and party and generally enjoy themselves and indulge in way too much sugar. …Details