Unexpected smile

Sometimes the unexpected is a good thing.  Somewhere along the line being nice got trampled under the feet of being efficient and being polite became a license for everyone to abuse you.  “The customer is always right” became “the customer has the right to treat you like crap” and so most people wear armor when they leave their houses, try to get the most done in the least amount of time, and wait for the next negative thing to happen. … Details


Have you ever noticed that Forgiveness is something that gets talked about in Hallmark card terminology?  It’s almost always something we should have or should practice, comes with graphics of flowers or butterflies, and promises to be the answer to issues where harm has been done. … Details


I like to think of life as communication.  It is all one grand communication between ourselves and everything else.  An intricate web of doingness to which we are all acting and responding every second of every day.  We are part of it, creating it as we go along. … Details


How much do other’s expectations of you drive your life?  Have you ever stopped to look at that? Very few of us live a life where we don’t care about anyone else’s opinion, even if we don’t do what they want us to do. … Details

Self Acceptance

I could be wrong, but I believe that one point or another in all of our lives, we have felt that we weren’t good enough.  Not sure about psychopaths and narcissists, but possibly even them.  And the measuring stick that we beat ourselves with seems to be, “Everyone else is better than me, even the people I don’t like that aren’t better than me.” … Details

Your Soul Book

Every human being is a complex and unique individual.  Full of experience, education, nurturing and neglect, thoughts and ideas, creativity and passion, let alone the capacity for living a fully integrated life in a Universe that is astoundingly diverse and infinitely variable. … Details

2012 – Year of the Dragon

Today is the beginning of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Black Water Dragon.  I’m really excited about this year because as we mature through this growth spurt of industrialization and all the damage that teen behavior has caused us and the planet, we are beginning to recreate our world by remembering the ancient wisdom of traditional cultures. … Details

Ancient Wisdom

‘Everything old is new again.’  The 20th century was an amazing time of growth and invention and development for a large portion of human society.  We continued the industrial revolution and created societies that are no longer communal through the use of fossil fuels and automobiles, created what is called the suburbs, created industries that specialize in controlling natural resources such as food and food production, water, combustibles such as wood/coal/fossil fuels, currency and every other aspect of society, and helped to foster consumptive societies where the difference between have and have not is almost as distinct as feudal Europe.… Details