Opening Up

Most of us spend a great deal of time keeping ‘shields up’.  Keeping out unwanted opinions, dodging unwanted behaviors, trying to fit in to situations which don’t fit us, and basically doing whatever it takes to get what we want and not being seen for who we are because that would prevent us from getting what we want.… Details

Challenge your reality

Self-sabotage can be the silent soul killer.  Our brains are amazing pattern makers.  We look at random facts and experiences and make structures out of them that may or may not be true.  Or they may have been true at one time but circumstances have changed and now they are not.… Details

Relationship Contracts

Before we are born we work out a plan, a sketch or outline, of what we want to do while we are here.  Which seems straight forward but is very intricate and complicated due to the fact that we are not islands operating outside any influence and all of us have free will. … Details

Safety is an active practice

In this modern age our ideas about safety have changed significantly from our hunter gatherer roots.  Safety is no longer something we practice in order to survive the elements or our prey or each other, it’s seemingly become a right and the only defense we have against the bogey man in the closet.  … Details

Honoring Warriors

I’ve always had a respect for warriors.  Not necessarily for military branches or governments, missions or political agendas, but for warriors.  Those men and women who choose to fight for what they believe and put their lives on the line to do so. … Details

The Gift of Letting Go

In modern society death has transitioned from a natural process that happens to everyone and an integrated part of our lives, to something foreign to be fought at all costs and to be pushed aside, marginalized, when it happens.  It’s like an ax that falls and some of us are not fast enough to avoid it. … Details

Being Authentic

I’m drawn to people who live authentic lives.  What the normative world calls eccentric people.  Those who choose to do what they want to do and refuse to believe that it’s somehow not ok or not quite right.  I have friends who revel in their Judaism through ceremony and shared ritual but still live a contemporary lifestyle. … Details

Peeling the Onion

When it comes to healing, most of us have been taught that each symptom is like an uninvited guest.  Each has to be shown the door individually in order to get rid of them.  Sometimes there are a couple that arrived together and will leave together, but not often. … Details