Something Different

Today I am visiting my Mom.  She’s in her mid-80’s, still living in the house I grew up in, and we’re going to visit and enjoy the glorious weather.  While I’m here I’m going to clean and tidy graves for the various family members, including my Dad, since I wasn’t able to do it over the Memorial Day weekend. …Details

Body Memory

I remind my clients that our body is not a meat care we’re driving around in.  It’s an integral part of this embodied life (hence the word em-bodi-ed) and therefore is involved in the spiritual side of our lives.  In the reverse, our soul is interconnected with the body and thereby experiencing the physicalness of this life. …Details

Life Management 101

There is always one thing you don’t get to.  The problem comes in when that thing is really, really important such as your health, your dreams, or your quality of life.  And there are all kinds of reasons for why that can be the case and almost all of them are completely reasonable, common sensical, even logical. …Details

Career Books

Each soul, each individual, has a book or a record in the Akashics.  It’s the record of all that they are.  That statement (right back there, to the left of here) is so all encompassing and yet so general that it is, for all practical purposes, meaningless. …Details

Healing With The Akashics

Working with the Akashics is a healing experience.  A number of my students report that the first time they go through the meditation they spontaneously cry and usually cry through the session.  They may do this a second time, but usually by the third time with the meditation the emotions have been released. …Details

The Forest Experience

Some things to consider about how we experience our world:  our primary sense is visual, we make meaning out of our world through what we see and use the other senses to augment this, and walking upright means we focus our eyes in front of us and downwards so we don’t fall over things. …Details

The First Forest

Apply Akashic AdviceOne of the places you can visit in the Akashics is the First Forest.  It is a vast place which spans every conceivable ecosystem of forest that we know and those that no longer exist here and others that have never existed here, but are possible or that are echos of other places. …Details

Self-Limiting ‘I Know’

On the one hand ‘know thyself’ is the hardest thing to do in the world.  It’s not necessarily flattering, it challenges all of the avoidance/survival mechanisms we’ve acquired (business, denial, self-medication), and asks us to change our identity with which we have become comfortable if not happy. …Details