Today’s Challenge

Today I’m putting a challenge out there.  Every single one of us has at least one of these:  a stuck spot.  It’s that one thing we regret, we don’t like about ourselves or our lives, the one thing we know we need to deal with-get to-fix one of these days. … Details

Action and Reaction

Just because you’re doing something, maybe doing a lot of something, maybe desperately doing in order to resolve the situation, doesn’t mean that what you’re doing is working or will get you the result you need.  Sometimes bailing out the boat so you can get to shore makes sense. … Details

Name That Myth

Names have power.  That’s why we are constantly attempting to label things, people, situations and pretty much anything.  Because names or labels are condensed information packets.  Names like “chair” or “car” or “house” have not only tons of generic information connected with them because they refer to categories of things, but they also have historical information, personal associations, possibly memories of events all of which can be accessed just by contact with the word through sound or sight.  … Details

Future Lives

Everyone once in a while I’m asked about someone’s next embodied life. The life they will be leading after this one.   This startles me every single time because there is so much we need to do in this one, so little time to get it all done, so much to do and become and figure out and express and feel….how… Details

Silence Is The Answer

People often ask me how to communicate more clearly with their guides.  For me the first thing to look for is what is keeping them from communicating with their guides.  Because it’s not a skill we have to learn or something we need to build like an antenna. … Details

You Get What You Put In

It’s happened to me and periodically it happens to my students as well.  Working in the Akashics we see something, experience something that makes us take a step back.  Something happens that turns on our warning defense systems and tells us something is off kilter. … Details

Unseen Aspects

Working with the Akashics teachings us things in a variety of ways.  Many times we are going there with a particular question or set of questions or a goal(s) in mind and we therefore expect that what we experience are focused on giving us information for those. … Details