god-and-monsters.comIt doesn’t matter whether you like the sparkly ones, the mis-understood but redeemable ones, the hard working attempting to overcome their disability ones, the sinister don’t give a damn ones, the all powerful and deadly ones, or the horror movie mindless monster ones. … Details


tomwoodfantasyart.comAre there werewolves among us?  Yep.  Do they change into a wolf form at the full moon and rampage around killing people?  Not that I’m aware of. Werewolves are people who are habituated to drama.  They don’t seem like it.  They can seem like anybody else and that’s part of how they disarm and harm others. … Details


thegreenhead.comHalloween characters stick with us for a multitude of reasons.  Some of which is that they are timeless symbols, somewhat like negative totems, which have wisdom to share about people and how they interact with their world.  Mummies are one of those and I’m not referring to the type which gives people birth and sends us into therapy as soon as we turn 18.… Details

Social or Spiritual

There are many reasons why a group of individuals might come together in order to share their spirituality.  Some religions require it, some incorporate it as a necessary expression of faith, some are geared towards community building and family cohesion and so sharing spirituality is a part of everyday life. … Details

There Is Nothing Wrong With You

There is a book that I recommend to my clients that I feel has a great deal of practical wisdom for everyone, but specifically for those diving deep into their own journey of spiritual discovery. There Is Nothing Wrong with You: Going Beyond Self-Hate by Cheri Huber It’s not meant to be read straight through, but to be taken in a bit at a time.… Details

Today’s Challenge

Today I’m putting a challenge out there.  Every single one of us has at least one of these:  a stuck spot.  It’s that one thing we regret, we don’t like about ourselves or our lives, the one thing we know we need to deal with-get to-fix one of these days. … Details

Action and Reaction

Just because you’re doing something, maybe doing a lot of something, maybe desperately doing in order to resolve the situation, doesn’t mean that what you’re doing is working or will get you the result you need.  Sometimes bailing out the boat so you can get to shore makes sense. … Details

Name That Myth

Names have power.  That’s why we are constantly attempting to label things, people, situations and pretty much anything.  Because names or labels are condensed information packets.  Names like “chair” or “car” or “house” have not only tons of generic information connected with them because they refer to categories of things, but they also have historical information, personal associations, possibly memories of events all of which can be accessed just by contact with the word through sound or sight.  … Details