Parenting Skills

So many of the people I work with, both students and clients, suffer from having difficult childhoods. This ranges anywhere from distant and non-demonstrative parents or families where the person just never fit in to literal torture.  And before anyone starts that story in their head that there is some scale of hard where these people fit in, take a listen to Ash Beckham.…Details

Getting Away From It All

There are people who are avoidance magnets.  Not about hard work or gnarly problems to be solved or a good challenge, they don’t have any problems with seeing what needs to be done and digging in with everyone else, they lead the charge when others are waiting around ready to follow, they are the ones that everyone wants to have around.…Details

Making Do

Making do with what you have is a virtue.  It allows you to be in the now, to not be stopped by lack or lack thinking, to keep moving forward and to be living rather than regretting.  Great!  But what if you have plenty? …Details


Sometimes I look at people and they seem to be going backwards up the slide.  Instead of climbing to the top and then letting gravity do the work while they enjoy the rush, they are struggling and struggling to get somewhere they can’t see and complaining all the while that it shouldn’t be this hard to get where they want to be! …Details

Open to Desire

“Many sincere people drawn to Eastern spirituality are in danger of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. In identifying the cause of suffering as desire, they struggle to eliminate it from their being. A number of these people have come to consult me, wondering why their spiritual pursuits have not brought them the peace of mind they were expecting.…Details

The Message of the Message

There have been times when I’ve gotten a kick out of two people talking at cross purposes to each other.  You know, they make comedy skits out of this stuff.  You think you’re both talking about the same thing but you’re not or you think you’re talking about something completely different and it ends up being the same thing. …Details

Want Vs. Need

Every have those moments when you have too many things on your mind, too many things to do in the day, too many things in your hands, and if you could just get everything to behave then you could get the keys out without spilling the …#&@^#$(&^#(%  *insert adult temper tantrum here* There are many times when what we want and what we need seem to be at odds with each other. …Details

I Did What?

What’s exciting about this year is the mix of practical with emotions.  If we choose to let go of the old narratives we’ve been living we can use what we gained and what we learned in 2014 to move forward in the life we want to have. …Details