“No” is a complete sentence

There is a very clear line between attempting to convince someone of something and coercion.  They may seem similar, but your body know immediately when the line has been crossed.  Trying to convince somebody comes from desire.  You really want something and that emotion fills you and you want this person to agree and want it to. …Details

Being Happy

It’s something that seems to be what we want. We see it in others and covet it.  We feel like we don’t have it and we beat ourselves up about it.  We rail at our parents, our sweethearts, our bosses and Fate because they are keeping it from us. …Details


The point at which Spirituality converges with Consumerism is such a bedlam of contradictory ideals and practices with everyone talking and thinking they are speaking the same language.  Which if you’ve ever had one of those conversations, you know how confusing and frustrating and downright infuriating it can be. …Details


I like masks.  Not the made in China, you can’t breathe through them, Halloween kind from the store at Halloween, but beautiful Mardi Gras masks and hand crafted fantastical masks used in ritual and ceremony, masks made by craftswo/men who put a little bit of magic into them and that can take you to another place, let you be someone completely different and yet authentically you. …Details

Trust your instincts

I read a book recently that was a real eye opener: The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker.  It’s a book from a professional who runs one of the most effective protection agencies in the world.  I was impressed by this because he is common sensical, not advertising his own business (too much), and is trying to combat media hype that is putting us in danger by misinforming us. …Details

Just because your eyes are in your head

People talk about memory being connected to scent and food being a motivator for everything, but what we fail to acknowledge is that we are visual beings.  We aren’t terrified of bad smells and rarely have any idea what they actually signify without being told, ie Natural gas companies advertising that natural gas is made to smell like rotten eggs. …Details

Common Sense is not, really.

There are a couple of sayings that run through my mind quite often when I’m out and about in the world.  One is a bit obscure as it’s a skit from Kids In The Hall:  A young man is on the sidewalk outside a large apt building with a cymbal and a drum stick repeating over and over again “I’ve lost my Indian drum” *crash*  “I’ve lost my Indian drum” *crash*. …Details