Change is in the air

We are taught that Spring is the time of massive creative change.  Everything is procreating and growing and blooming and budding.  The light is returning, life awakens and everything is full of hope and new beginnings.  But Fall is also a time of massive, radical change. … Details

If you were a deity

If you were a deity, which one would you be and why?  Would you be one because of their specific X-men type powers and what you could do with them, seemingly without consequences?  Would you choose one because you want more of what they represent in your life? … Details


“But of bliss and glad life there is little to be said, before it ends; as works fair and wonderful, while still they endure for eyes to see, are their own record, and only when they are in peril or broken for ever do they pass into song.” … Details

Get Grounded

Dancers know that you are not getting anything one or going anywhere if you aren’t paying attention to your feet.  For most people, circus acts and Cirqe not withstanding, our feet are the way we get around in the world.  They support us, they motivate us, and they allow us to wear beautiful shoes.… Details


Sleep is a magic thing that I don’t think we have enough gratitude for.  Our bodies use the time we are sleeping to do major processing.  We replenish our tissues, soothe our nervous system, manufacture new fluids and chemicals in order to recharge our organs, focus on healing areas that have become damaged such as skin or muscle and so much more. … Details


It’s difficult to wait for what you want.  We’re taught that with enough money you can get anything you want right now.  No why pay attention to anything for any length of time?  And more is better, right?  Well all of that applies to commodities or things, but the world is not just commodities and things that you can buy. … Details


It’s always surprising to me that with all the physical limitations there are are in the world, geography, time, resources, that what hampers us most often is the limits we have in our own minds.  How often have you heard someone grip about not being able to do something or get something and when you try to help by offering them suggestions on how to do it, they say “Oh no, I can’t, because….”… Details


There is no way we can actually know the reasons why someone does something, unless they tell us.  And even then they may not be able to fully verbalize why they are doing something.  Usually we assume they are doing it because they want to for one reason or another. … Details