The Akashics – it’s not just about bipeds

Life on earth teaches us that humans are the preeminent species.  Although there are carnivores that can take us down and the weather and other natural disasters have the ability to wipe us out in swathes, we manage through our analytical thinking and that opposable thumb to make our way and to have become the overwhelmingly dominant feature of the earth next to water, which doesn’t respond to nuclear deterrents.… Details

Round Tuit

Once upon a time I was a college student working to get my undergraduate degree.  And during this mythical, magical time, I took a trip to Europe with my fellow students and one night, after 10 days of traveling, we ended up in a beer house in Munich. … Details

Living Sacred

But the sacred is not only an internal thing between your soul and an unseen deity.  It is also your body and the world around you.  Prayer is not just thoughts in your head or words whispered in quiet corners.  It is the actions of your hands, the choices of your heart, and the places you walk every day, all created by Spirit and of Spirit.… Details

Memorials are communal sacred space

Grieving is a natural and healthy process of an embodied life.  Loss, change, death are all things we become embodied to experience in undiluted form as such things are rare and diffuse within the Akashics.  When everything is recorded and retained in Spirit, when everything is eternal and fully integrated and interconnected, strong emotions, lack, loss, and death are foreign concepts. 


Souls can be damaged

Souls are eternal and as much as love and betrayal can hurt and bullying can be deadly, they usually don’t leave scars on the soul.  We grow and become because of our experiences, both what we consider ‘bad’ and ‘good’, and we can learn much more at a faster rate from the ‘bad’, unfortunately. … Details

The past is just the beginning

There is so much more to each of us than just our past.  I try to help my clients and my students focus on this because looking into the past is ingrained into our psyche both by psychology that wants to find the root cause of everything in our formative years and by spirituality which wants to find the root cause of everything in our past lives. … Details