Postcards from your Guides

I have met quite a few channels or mediums, if you prefer, helping people to receive direct communication from their guides, angels, teachers, ascended masters, Uncle Phil, etc, etc.  And I have met quite a few students who have worked with teachers that are attempting to spread the knowledge of how to do this out into the world. …Details

Dealing with Fear

I sometimes wonder what our culture would look like if we didn’t have the heroic ideal as the role model for how we should deal with problems or fears.  If we didn’t have all the rhetoric around standing your ground, facing your fears head on, working through the pain, going on no matter what the cost, what would our lives look like? …Details

Lottery Ticket

When I’m talking with clients they sometimes struggle with the idea of manifestation and definitely struggle with the practical aspects of free will.  Which is complicated by all the religious dogma they have experienced since childhood and the messages out their about spiritual paths and surrendering to a greater power. …Details

Lughnasadh/Lamas/Green Corn

Happy Lughnasadh! Today, in much of the Northern Hemisphere, is the time of first harvests.  This has been, historically and in agrarian societies, a time of celebration and of community gathering.  It was a time for feasting and joy as all the hard work from late winter, through spring, and through a great chunk of summer has finally produced its bounty. …Details

Instant Gratification

Some things still have the ability to shock me.  And it’s not what you might think.  It usually happens when I’m in conversation with someone and they think that spiritual work should be done for free or when they talk about spiritual work like it’s a video game or a book they can just pick up at the store and start using. …Details