So what do I do?

Common enough question.  What do I do?  And my answer is usually, “What do you want to do?”.  Which is not what people want to hear.  People asking that question want someone else to be in charge.  They want someone else to be responsible. …Details

Seeing the patterns

We have amazingly analytical brains.  We’re constantly looking, in taking information, then making patterns out of it.  Especially other people’s behavior.  We can fairly easily see an acquaintance pick the wrong type of man over and over, the boss making the worst decision for the department, again, or actor in the horror flick reaching for that closet door. …Details

People’s Expectations

Human beings are amazing at information gathering and analysis.  You do it every day.  You look at something in your house and you categorize the shapes and colors into types of furniture, decorations, useful tools, things to enjoy, things to use, things to do, what affects you and what you effect in the now and in the future plus you instantly recognize their relevance to your past. …Details

Trust Issues

Trust is a small word for a huge concept.  For some it is something given automatically and then either flourishes or dies a slow death from abuse.  For others it’s something that is earned through good intentions followed by good actions repeated over time. …Details


Everything is interconnected.  No I’m not going to start singing “The Circle of Life”.  That movie makes me a bit crazy.  However being a human being in a body means that you are connected to everything around you.  The plants in your house create part of the oxygen you breath. …Details

Have a good 4th of July

We just got through Canada day and now it’s 4th of July.  I’m not into nationalism or indulging in drunkenness and excess just because we have the day off.   And I’m not sure how helpful it is to meditate on all that this country has done for us because ‘this country’ is a huge theory that really doesn’t impact most people. …Details

Your Soul Book

Each person has a book in the Akashic Library.  Just that in itself to me is dazzling.  Each of us is unique enough, important enough, worth enough to have our own book that records who and what we are.  Rockin!  Each book records information we don’t hold onto when we come here in a body as it would interfere with our living our lives here in a body among others in bodies. …Details