Challenge your beliefs

Sometimes the oddest beliefs are taught to us by our families.  And we don’t realize that’s what they are and that we live our lives by them until something brings them into bold relief.  Early in my career I was given the opportunity to learn American Sign Language and work as an interpreter. … Details

You are evidence of what you believe

Ever heard “Words are just words” or “Actions speak louder than words”?  While words have power, our actions show our beliefs and our intent even if we don’t know consciously what they are saying.  Choosing over and over to stay home and watch other people live their lives says that you’re not good enough and others are more worthy. … Details

How much do you really know about yourself?

In our minds we create an image of who we are and who we can and will be.  And that image includes all the bad as well as the good and, in most cases, includes some pretty rigid rules.  We can figure out what the rules are pretty through a simple exercise:  Take a piece of paper and write down everything about yourself that you feel is pertinent.… Details

Feeding Ourselves

Have you noticed that when you are really into doing something, you can forget time altogether, not feel hungry, and when you’re done you still feel great?  And when you are bored or unhappy or feeling stuck all you can think about is food?… Details

Reward the work

Society so applauds competition that it creates competitive concepts within itself.  It makes additive behavior seem and feel like a reward and makes rewards look like self-indulgent behavior.  It makes self-sacrifice and hard work for others seem virtuous even, or specifically, when it is damaging to you and makes it feel like doing anything for the self hurts others.… Details

Taking that first step

Have you ever wanted something but felt overwhelmed by how much work it would take to get it?  Has it felt impossible to get from there to here?  That’s common.  We are, after all, only one person living in one moment at a time and most things that we want require a lot of moments and interacting with other people. … Details