Creative Meditation

Over the past 9 months or so, as I’ve been researching about Akasha and the Akashic records for a book I’ll be writing, I’ve been studying the Kabbalah.  Yes, they are connected.  🙂  Plus I’ll hopefully be putting out a class on Kabbalah for… Details


UGnomeMy first contact with meditation was the classic “sit and clear your mind.”  I was vague on what this was supposed to do for me other than it was necessary for spiritual practice and would be calming.  Somehow it was supposed to lead me to enlightenment but that was many levels of spirituality later. … Details

Mix The Pieces

Ever worked a puzzle and get to a point where you’re stuck?  Doesn’t matter if you’re working from the outside in or the middle out there comes a point where you just can’t figure it out so it’s time to mix the pieces. … Details

Over Competent

I’m a big advocate for finding the happy middle.  The extremes help us find our boundaries, define ourselves, create the edge at which we know we are embarking on something new and expanding our horizons, etc., etc., etc….  But the middle is where we find the intricate beauty of all the shades of grey, where life actually happens, where love and happiness abide. … Details

Listening But Not Hearing

There are so many ways that people believe that they are listening and trying to hear the message.  They have a goal in mind, they have a need, they have a desire and so they start looking for answers.  They try this remedy, that process, ask this group and that expert, but nothing gets better and no progress is made. … Details

Meant To Be

So many people are looking for that “meant to be” relationship.  I was speaking with a student recently about this and why it’s such a sticking point with me.  Besides the fact that the percentage of people we are “meant” to be connected with is rather small, percentage wise, it would be immensely boring and robotic to go through life only connecting with the people we are meant to connect with. … Details

Catastrophic Thinking

We all do it. It’s human nature.  We follow the feeling we’re having, which is hurt and afraid and fearful, and project that out onto the facts of the situation.  It sounds logical, our left brain knows that it’s completely possible, but it’s the worst case scenario and the least likely to occur in the situation at hand. … Details

Living With Ducks

Our families of origin provide us the framework through which we see the world.  As we’re growing up we accept it in the same way the ancient Greeks accepted the Gods as the motivators behind all things from luck to the seasons to the weather. … Details

Not Smooth Sailing

The hope and dream for many is that once they figure out what their path/calling/soul purpose is, things will become clear, the clouds will part, the path will become smooth, everything will make sense, and the decisions will become obvious.  Which is the case, but like sex and comedy, it’s all in the timing.… Details